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Michael Brown

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danwarfield le Janvier 11, 2021
I am a paid user, Windows 10, Outlook, Firefox. I don't want Chrome on my computer, which may be the problem? Every time I start windows I get a relentless popup wanting me to log in to Hubspot. Checking the remember-me box does nothing. Mos Lire la suite
19 Mentions J'aime
20 Réponses
Avril 03, 2023
It's not Svaz's specific case, it's happening to multiple people and we are getting no response, I have a ticket in for it and no response. Thousand...Lire la suite
bdesilva le Septembre 01, 2017
Our file system of record is Sharepoint. All the files for the sales process are there and we cannot upload them to Hubspot. Is there any way to link/connect to Sharepoint Online and be able to see and access the files from Sales?
25 Mentions J'aime
11 Réponses
Mars 16, 2023
This is exactly what we need, however I cannot believe that Hubspot has not implemented something itself. To be honest we are very much over paying ...Lire la suite
jpnorris le Octobre 27, 2020
I know this has been proposed many times before by other members, but I too would greatly benefit from being able to apply, modify, or remove tax on a line item level on quotes. Product library entries should have tax properties saved, and then Lire la suite
217 Mentions J'aime
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Mai 19, 2022
Not being able to add GST to individual items pretty much makes the quoting tool usless for us
SAasan le Juin 23, 2021
Hello, We recently started using Hubspot as our CRM system. I am a sales rep who loves taking notes from all meetings and correspondance. I do that on an iPad. I´ve used Apple Notes, GoodNotes and Notability. Is there a note-taking app that can Lire la suite
2 Mentions J'aime
6 Réponses
Avril 09, 2022
I write directly into the notes with my apple pen works fine
Meto le Avril 04, 2022
Hi there, When I tried to use email templates from hubspot in my outlook when replying or creating a new message, outlook crashes and closes and reopens. Steps I did but without any success: - I've cleared the %appdata%\Sidekick folder - Remo Lire la suite
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Avril 04, 2022
SDaeche le Février 16, 2022
It is not possible to upload/attach a form submission to a deal. This would be really helpful.
1 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Avril 03, 2022
THis would be great as we have forms that create deals automatically, but it goes against the contact not the deal.
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