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Stephanie Tang

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sttang le Août 18, 2020
HubSpot currently has a few default contact properties for you to track the dates when contacts hit a new stage such as: Became a marketing qualified lead date Became a sales qualified lead date Became a customer date Lire la suite
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Anonymous le Juillet 12, 2020
I use the basic (free) version of HubSpot to mainly keep a database of my prospects. Is there a way to search for a particular phone number in my database? Searching by name is easy and inuitive but by phone number -not so much... Thanks in advance Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Juillet 12, 2020
Hi Mark 👋🏻 , You can search for a contact's phone number in the portal search bar or within the contacts hompage search bar itself. Typing t...Lire la suite
Amindlty le Juillet 08, 2020
Could you please reactive my account with this email. i need my contacts on this account, and also i didnt acces to this email address becouse we shout down this domain address.
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HubSpot Employee
Juillet 08, 2020
Hey @Amindlty 👋🏻 , For account reactivation, can I have you go through the steps here: Account Deactivation. You can fill out the form m...Lire la suite
Trustsignvivian le Juillet 03, 2020
Hello, my company give me access to my account in Hubspot and I started to send an email to my costumers but appears that legend at the end of my email. The company pays every month for Hubspot services. Anyone can help me with this?
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HubSpot Employee
Juillet 06, 2020
Hi @Trustsignvivian 👋🏻 , Can you let me know your portal ID? Let me have a check on this for you! 🙂
miguelbalbs le Juin 29, 2020
I'm trying to get my team to send the emails within Hubspot, and we have connected their personal email address to the platform. However, when they actually try to send an email within Hubspot, their personal address doesn't show up, just being ab Lire la suite
HubSpot Employee
Juin 30, 2020
Hello @miguelbalbs 👋🏻 , If your team has connected their emails in the integrations page ( settings icon settings > In the left ...Lire la suite
katethedowry le Juin 26, 2020
I'm currently running a Shopify + HubSpot integration. I've tried several solutions to create pop-up forms for BOTH lead capture (welcome offer, newsletter sign-up, book a demo) and website messaging (cart abandon, cross-sell / up-sell). I've tried Lire la suite
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HubSpot Employee
Juin 29, 2020
Hello @katethedowry 👋🏻 , Perhaps you can consider using smart content on your emails, website pages, landing pages, and templates . ...Lire la suite
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