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Alexander Costello

Digital Marketer and HubSpot Certified Trainer. Tinkering all things HubSpot at Digital Media Stream.


Alexander1 en Febrero 16, 2024
The current default country field for a company object is called Country/Region. This is quite confusing as Country and Region can be two separate data points, specifically for businesses operating in the United Kingdom. It would be great if the pr Leer más
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HStepan en Marzo 31, 2023
When creating tags on deals can we filter deal tags based on the Deal stage property.
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Miembro | Partner nivel Platinum
Febrero 12, 2024
Here in 2024 with a need for filtering deal tags by deal stage! It makes so much sense to have this feature.
BradCarter en Julio 24, 2019
I'd love to be able to arrange contacts on a company record in order of importance or relevance to the record. Sometimes we have more than 5-10 contacts associated with a company and it would be ideal to arrange them so that the top contacts relevan Leer más
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Miembro | Partner nivel Platinum
Julio 03, 2023
214 upvotes! As many have said before, why has HubSpot still not considered this? We're increasingly hearing from our customers - especially enterpri...Leer más
SLoo en May 09, 2022
Hi team, It'll be great if we could filter a contact list by the number of associated companies. There isn't a direct filter for this in a list or workflow at the moment and it'll definitely benefit customers distilling these records. Thanks for Leer más
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Miembro | Partner nivel Platinum
Febrero 13, 2023
Yes, "number of associated companies" is a must. Thumbs up from me.
Alexander1 en Enero 12, 2023
Hello, Running business units in HubSpot, we're unable to change the default subscription type when giving a one-time legal basis for sending an email. In order for contacts to receive one-to-one emails, they have to be subscribed to the defau Leer más
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Alexander1 en Enero 05, 2023
For contacts associated with more than one company in HubSpot, it would be helpful to have visibility across all support tickets in the Customer Portal. Scenario: Customer support organisation with third-party support partners and end cu Leer más
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