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Alexander Costello

Digital Marketer and HubSpot Certified Trainer. Tinkering all things HubSpot at Digital Media Stream.


SLoo on Mai 09, 2022
Hi team, It'll be great if we could filter a contact list by the number of associated companies. There isn't a direct filter for this in a list or workflow at the moment and it'll definitely benefit customers distilling these records. Thanks for Beitrag ansehen
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Februar 13, 2023
Yes, "number of associated companies" is a must. Thumbs up from me.
Alexander1 on Januar 12, 2023
Hello, Running business units in HubSpot, we're unable to change the default subscription type when giving a one-time legal basis for sending an email. In order for contacts to receive one-to-one emails, they have to be subscribed to the defau Beitrag ansehen
Alexander1 on Januar 05, 2023
For contacts associated with more than one company in HubSpot, it would be helpful to have visibility across all support tickets in the Customer Portal. Scenario: Customer support organisation with third-party support partners and end cu Beitrag ansehen
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khughes on April 03, 2017
Hi HubSpot, Right now there is no way to change the date format on date properties in personalization on e-mails. The date property will always display in US format (mm/dd/yyyy). These dates can be very confusing and mislead europeans customers who Beitrag ansehen
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September 26, 2022
Surprised this is still not rolled out from HubSpot. Like all comments, we need this functionality as it's causing confusion among UK and European cl...Beitrag ansehen
kylemckay on Juni 11, 2020
Once HubSpot Lead Score is configured, it's difficult to review the list of Scores that've been assigned. Each ruleset takes up a lot of white space, and the fact that we only have 2/3 of the screen to view the PropertyEditModal makes it quit Beitrag ansehen
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August 26, 2022
Another upvote for this submitted idea! Particularly when reviewing portals, we always look at the lead score set-up. Having a way to export the crit...Beitrag ansehen
AHudson on Mai 07, 2021
When using analytic tools, or default HS reports, you are unable to customize the color. Dashboards appear messy and disorganized when the scheme is not consistant. Perhaps being able to edit the color scheme for an entire dashboards reports would Beitrag ansehen
Mitglied | Platinum Partner
August 25, 2022
All for this! I too feel that dashboards look messy without consistency (particularly all of the multi-coloured reports)! Hoping for HubSpot to push ...Beitrag ansehen
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