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Ed Justen


edjusten on Dezembro 06, 2020
While tooling around my HubSpot account over the weekend, I realized I had never added the Google Analytics (GA) integration to my account. It’s a straight-forward process: Set up a Google Analytics account Create a web property in the accoun Leia mais
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tomasfp on Agosto 12, 2019
Hi, I need to know which integration made a certain change, but I cant figure out how which integration represents which " source-id", see below. Cheers, Tomas { "value" : "Legitimate interest – prospect/lead" , "source-type" : Leia mais
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HubSpot Employee
Agosto 13, 2019
Hi tomasfp Thanks for reaching out to the developers Forum. Our back-end tools indicated this update was triggered by Zapier. However, we don'...Leia mais
PathV on Setembro 13, 2017
I am testing Hubspot Sales and wanted to make sure I understand this clearly. When and when not will an email be tracked if sent either in Outlook or the CRM. Does a recipient have to have the auto download of images turned on or they have to do Leia mais
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HubSpot Employee
Maio 24, 2018
@bergjs New features are being released this week to address this. Moving forward, emails sent from the CRM will containg trackers, but if the con...Leia mais
davidodonnell on Maio 14, 2018
I believe there is a lot value in providing a course focused on Workflows. While there are ebooks and examples to be found, they are not centralised or taught in a course structure. Personally I found workflows the hardest topic to learn about withi Leia mais
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HubSpot Employee
Maio 15, 2018
Hi @davidodonnell Tagging a member of our amazing Inbound Professor team for further guidance. @cbsembler What workflow focused courses are ava...Leia mais
KeyWestScott on Maio 14, 2018
Greetings all. For those that may not have seen it yet, HS Has a new Site Search function . My 2cents thus far. It only displays/returns 3 options for any search.. I find this extremely limiting and narrow. What if what I'm looking for Leia mais
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HubSpot Employee
Maio 14, 2018
Hi @KeyWestScott Thanks for the great feedback! Let me address some of your concerns. It only displays/returns 3 options for any search. ...Leia mais
MaayanSel on Maio 14, 2018
Hey, I understood that the cookie disclaimer on HS will only work on HS COS and I need one to cover my website as well. Is there a way to add the WordPress plugin on HS or the other way around? Thanks all!
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HubSpot Employee
Maio 14, 2018
Hi @MaayanSel The HubSpot cookie disclaimer is baked in to the HubSpot system, so there is no way to export it or use it on an external page. ...Leia mais
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