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Melissa Syvrais

Positive and optimistic, a go-getter, willing and adaptable, forward thinking, analytical and logical. I have a very curious mind, always pushing to do better. My objectives are to improve efficiency and provide as much knowledge and/or insight I can to my team. Always striving to do better, to grow and build meaningful relationships with those that I meet and work closely with, going above and beyond to help my team succeed brings me great pride. I very much value the close working relationships I build through networking and connecting with others.


Msyvrais on Março 10, 2023
Currently, we cannot report on a single value from a property that is a multiple checklist property without seeing every other value in that pick list. Example: Customer # - a customer's past attended events. Customer 1 - 2023 TRADE Leia mais
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Msyvrais on Março 08, 2023
Allow us to select additional drill down filters under media plays. Example: Has completed Media Play + Title: is/contains any of/etc. + (Do not restrict this to prepopulated lists, allow free text to segment like videos. OR add the ability to Leia mais
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Msyvrais on Fevereiro 28, 2023
When copying a value from one property to the other, both properties must contain ALL values present in the other. This is a major roadblock for example, Property A hosts a short list of current tradeshows we are attending for accurately ide Leia mais
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EvanS on Junho 28, 2017
As a sales organization, we tie everything back into Salesforce. Love the messages feature, but we have no mechanism to pull chat logs or chat metadata into Salesforce at this time. A mechanism to pull this data into Salesforce would be Leia mais
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Fevereiro 10, 2023
Currently I create a task with a workflow that grabs all the relevant information from our chatbot properties and fire that over to salesforce and the...Leia mais
seobrien on Novembro 29, 2016
The Sales CRM functions more as intended for lead capture from a web form where one email would be provided to create the contact record. You're thinking in terms of the CRM as a Sales and Marketing tool, which it is, but it's also just a CRM: C Leia mais
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Fevereiro 08, 2023
I saw this within user defaults. This would be great if we can assign that notification to one person and not the contact owner. Exmple our salesforc...Leia mais
caroline_at_hv on Maio 17, 2017
Looking to create a report using the create date of a property or date the property is changed, which can be found in the history of the property, as one of the metrics for the report. A report that will give me the number of deals that were Leia mais
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Fevereiro 03, 2023
Hi NadiaBrown, I hate to offer the suggestion because it’s just another workaround and bandaid to this issue but you can create a custom property fiel...Leia mais
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