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Melissa Syvrais

Passionate about technology and marketing, I thrive on being a positive and forward-thinking go-getter. With a curious mind and a drive to excel, continuously seeking ways to improve efficiency and contribute valuable insights to my team's endeavors. Known for my adaptability, analytical approach, and logical thinking, I'm dedicated to pushing boundaries and fostering growth. I believe in building strong relationships through networking, collaboration, and going the extra mile to ensure my team's success. Let's connect!


JessieKM on Abril 11, 2023
I'm requesting better UI functionality and more logical user paths for accessing the email template library, template creation + template manegment which would benefit large organizations where mulitple users are creating branded emails. HubSpot's p Leia mais
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Maio 15, 2024
1+ Having to create an email just to edit templates just to go back to delete that email is a waste of time and so many clicks
jditmer0 on Abril 14, 2024
The new navigation menu being on the left is a space waster. We can have it auto-hide but it slows down navigation because we then have to wait for it to auto unhide before we can select something. Having the menu items at the top is a much be Leia mais
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Maio 02, 2024
Absolutely agree - I immediately shut off that beta! What a real estate killer... I hope they receive enough feedback to revert to top horizontal nav...Leia mais
Melly2022 on Maio 02, 2024
Agencies will encounter challenges in operating efficiently for clients in the new pricing models. This is particularly true when providing clients with full agency support across several marketing services. The difficulty arises when clients a Leia mais
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Melly2022 on Novembro 15, 2021
When creating a marketing email and using 2 block or 3 block layouts it would be nice to be able to modify the mobile version. Example email has staggard text images. Email desktop/ipad: Left text | Right image Left image | Right text Left Leia mais
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Abril 18, 2024
Still relevant, still annoying... I want to stagger images as the z pattern is preferable when reading a newsletter - but that means I end up with re...Leia mais
Melly2022 on Março 25, 2024
It would be great if we could program automation with the send marketing email step to avoid days when a contact has already received a marketing email and defer to marketing email in the workflow to the next day.
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RteWinkel on Julho 04, 2022
Hi there, I would like to create a campaign based dashboard that includes the following metrics: - Sessions - New contacts - Submissions - Emails (Sent, opens, clicks) - Social posts (clicks, impressions, ctr) - Traffic per channel (Email, Pa Leia mais
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Março 22, 2024
I have not had to address this since making the above comment - but I have not seen anything in product updates since either. So I would think it's n...Leia mais
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