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Vicky Bowie


Vicky-Bowie on Junho 22, 2022
We are finding the sequence email tool helpful for quote follow up activity. However, when we have contacts who have more than one project/quote in the hopper at one time, it is not possible to use sequences for follow up and we have to go back to m Leia mais
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Vicky-Bowie on Março 11, 2022
It would be helpful to have a link from settings to go to the sales/meetings page in order to add or edit meeting links. It would also be helpful if the knowledge/help articles would direct you to go to the sales/meetings page. Trying to fin Leia mais
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Brett_Weaver on Abril 12, 2018
Hello, It would be very helpful to automatically have a Task which was created under a Contact also be associated with the Contact's Company. There are mentions of this on the community forum already for a couple of different reasons. My rea Leia mais
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Janeiro 26, 2022
I agree with all of the suggestions here. Please Hubspot make the feature for tasks to at least be given an option to be associated with contact, com...Leia mais
AGnaedinger on Novembro 30, 2021
We have a few different types of notes that we take (1:1 meeting notes, coalition notes, personal information, and a pinned 'follow up on next meeting' type of note). It would be great to be able to tag and filter each of these note types.
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Dezembro 09, 2021
Similar situation here where we have several "categories" of history notes. Example and how we are working around this for now: Quarterly check-in w...Leia mais
KyleJepson on Julho 11, 2021
Sales Hub has a lot of great tools, but the real power of HubSpot comes out when you start combining tools together. What tool combination do you like best? Share your power combo in the comments below! *To learn more about this, check out Leia mais
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Dezembro 09, 2021
sequences and snippets
KyleJepson on Julho 11, 2021
HubSpot has a lot of tools for connecting with contacts, and there are a host of other tools sales teams use outside of HubSpot. What's your favorite tool for connecting with people? Share your thoughts in the comments below! *To learn mor Leia mais
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Dezembro 09, 2021
Teams and LinkedIn are useful for my company's connection tools
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