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Jeremy Hong


FinallyMatt on Julho 02, 2020
When negotiating a deal, dropping a custom discount on-the-fly can often be what ultimately tips a lead to a customer. In turn, that discount changes the value of a deal...or at least, it should! The trouble is, right now it doesn't. Custom Leia mais
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Março 20, 2023
This is still badly needed...nearly 3 years later and still not even a comment from anyone at HubSpot?
GShelia12 on Novembro 28, 2022
Hi HS community, I've been trying to set up workflows based on Sales Document Activity - but I believe it's not possible. To give an easy example - I want to trigger a workflow once contact views a Sales Document I've sent them. I've been tryin Leia mais
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Colaborador(a) | Parceiro Diamante
Novembro 28, 2022
Thanks @PamCotton @GShelia12 Yeah, unfortunately this is not possible. Totally agree it's a huge miss on HubSpot's part, and it doesn't ma...Leia mais
AH3420 on Fevereiro 22, 2022
We only have three refund reasons now, but there are many situations in our real life. I think the custom refund reasons feature will be beneficial and valuable for all of us.
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Colaborador(a) | Parceiro Diamante
Outubro 27, 2022
Yeah, this is needed by many. The payments feature seems pretty half baked at the moment.
slvale2 on Maio 21, 2021
Currently, the integration only pulls in data from internal values not labels. For HubSpot default properties, like Deal Stage, internal names cannot be changes. This causes a string of numbers to show in the sheet instead of the property label name Leia mais
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Colaborador(a) | Parceiro Diamante
Setembro 09, 2022
+1 for this. I understand the need to use ID's on the backend, but it would be great if we could simply select what we want the output (interna...Leia mais
JLepsky on Abril 25, 2022
Hi everyone, We want to use the CRM API to automatically import contacts from our platform to Hubspot to add them to email lists. Therefore we set every imported contact to 'Marketing Contact Status = True' (only contacts with Marketing consent Leia mais
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Colaborador(a) | Parceiro Diamante
Abril 27, 2022
Hi @JLepsky Marketing Contact Status does not have any impact on a contact's email subscriptions, and vice versa. I confirmed this by filter...Leia mais
Jems212 on Abril 04, 2017
There's no where to see what workflows a form is part of. I can see Landing page but the form may be on numerous pages. If we just want to check what the follow up progress is after a certain form ois complete we have to try remember the name Leia mais
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Colaborador(a) | Parceiro Diamante
Maio 26, 2021
@jtremblay I just encountered this issue with a client. Here is the workaround I used, which requires that there be at least one form submission on...Leia mais
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