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Darren Scott

Currently working for Accord Mortgages developing insights for our sales team using CRM & visualising opportunities within Tableau to develop professional meaningful Insights for our sales members and management team.


DCunningham2 on Dezembro 01, 2023
Would love to see AI chat booking calls for leads. We currently use Woosender. Hubspot could easily implement something like this. It would be a game changer.
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Dezembro 02, 2023
thumbs up, would be great and save even more time.
CVokoun on Dezembro 01, 2023
Desperate for an easy-to-pull report that includes the following, just like a Spotify wrapped for our company's HubSpot success.: open and interaction rates for all emails sent Hours spent by our team in the back end Hours spent by people intera Leia mais
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Dezembro 02, 2023
yes this would be great, visually theyre very good and could help offer some previously unknown insights.
DarrenScottUK on Novembro 21, 2023
With the addons of HubSpot AI it would be a real time saver if going forward, when tickets are raised, the AI could summarise this and was then somehow able to suggest a theme of the ticket, this could save agents time as they have to categorise a t Leia mais
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ABeian on Novembro 01, 2023
Recently HubSpot released a new tool, the Prospecting Workspace. With that release an exiting tool was modified as well, for worse! The Tasks section used to have a right side panel which showed at a quick glance the current activity status. Leia mais
12 avaliações positivas
10 Respostas
Novembro 21, 2023
agreed, our users fed this back that the summary was helpful when selecting tasks but now it means they have to make more clicks.
DarrenScottUK on Novembro 21, 2023
FOr the chat widget there is the option to set a default response time (within a few minutes/hours etc) however it would be better if there was some kind of automated calculation to state the average answer time today or in the last 60 minites its x Leia mais
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KAbel on Janeiro 12, 2023
Our team needs to be able to report on the amount of time spent in meetings with a client - for purposes during the sales cycle and customer support post sale. Meeting duration is a property on meetings but not able to be pulled into reports. I Leia mais
16 avaliações positivas
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Novembro 19, 2023
Agree, definitely need this, why is this not available as a standard calculation? Surely it can't be that difficult to add in. This would be a basic ...Leia mais
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