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Kirsten Barrera


rw on Maio 15, 2017
Would be helpful to have the ability to filter contacts by a specific form submission date. Currently I have to create a list for a form to see when contacts submitted a form.
37 avaliações positivas
19 Respostas
Junho 25, 2019
Yes - needed - I keep trying to create my filter view to see a list of all contacts who submitted any website form between a certain date range. Mayb...Leia mais
paulTurboTenant on Maio 18, 2017
We need a bing ads integration ASAP. You have google ads integrated, it would really be helpful to have the same interface with Bing ads so we can monitor traffic and conversions down to the Keyword level on our Bing campaigns. How long until Leia mais
393 avaliações positivas
158 Respostas
Junho 03, 2019
Yes! Google + Bing visibility needs to be together to compare cost per contact, cost per deal, etc.
lrn24 on Janeiro 02, 2019
When creating a task, it defaults to being due at 5 pm. There is no way to change the default for this. You need to manually change every task which is time-consuming. There should be an option for default this time to one of your choosing.
401 avaliações positivas
176 Respostas
Maio 08, 2019
+1 Much needed! By default, you have to click 2 places - or my reps have to remember to go back and reset the task follow up time to the default...Leia mais
mattgeller on Agosto 29, 2018
When people talk to us in Facebook messanger, the replies stay buried in MARKETING > SOCIAL > MESSANGER > AUDIENCE. This is pretty useless. These should really appear in the Conversations Inbox with the rest of the messages we receive Leia mais
135 avaliações positivas
77 Respostas
Maio 07, 2019
+1 on the addition of the chat bot flows to the Facebook Messenger beta initiative. The Messenger integration with the conversations area is working ...Leia mais
SMS1 on Junho 18, 2019
Please create the ability in the Chat tool to add a post-chat survey where I can configure the questions. There should be a mix of options for the question field type to set up the survey i.e. Dropdown, Stars, text box, etc. Something like t Leia mais
247 avaliações positivas
110 Respostas
Abril 25, 2019
+1 here as well - we had this feature with our previous chat tool and lost it while migrating over
trisaratops on Maio 10, 2017
Hi there HS Community, We're excitedly trying out the Chat feature, and noticed that if a sales rep starts chatting with an unowned/new visitor that they don't then get auto-assigned (via the HS Owner field) to that rep. I naturally went to th Leia mais
40 avaliações positivas
8 Respostas
Abril 24, 2019
+1 - definitely needed here as a way to stay in touch with leads who came in via chat. If the reps don't remember to assign themselves in 2 places, t...Leia mais
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