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Carolyn Jackson

I started Flywheel Kinetics because too many dealers were asking for help adapting to a new way of marketing and selling to their “new” customer. This company and what I offer was built by demand to leverage my 15 years in the Powersports industry and work with a 100+ dealerships.


erincarpenter en Enero 24, 2023
The Marketing Event object only allows offline events to be added with contacts via an integration on online event. However, we have in-person conferences that we would like to add. Although we can add them to the object, it will not let us manually Leer más
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Marzo 16, 2023
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cadyrsmith en Agosto 16, 2021
We've been waiting for Marketing Events as custom objects in HubSpot for a while! However they still aren't particularly useful and I was encouraged by support to post my feedback here on some much needed feaures. We host hundreds of events a year a Leer más
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Marzo 16, 2023
Would also love to be able to add Contacts as registered to a Marketing Event for form submissions - can use workflows. Also would love to be able to...Leer más
FlywheelKinetic en Marzo 06, 2023
Tickets in various pipelines can be created manually or from a variety of sources - including workflows. However only tickets created through Inbox can be managed by SLAs. We need SLA functionality across all Tickets from all Ticket sources.
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XavierHoBr en Febrero 22, 2019
Is it possible to allow European format for date picker ? The problem is that when we can pick a date in a form on a landing page, we could only select the US format. Even if the right time and time zone are set. This detail create some difficul Leer más
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Marzo 06, 2023
This formatting option is needed across all hubs and functionalities down to the core of property settings. Please let us know when this becomes a re...Leer más
FlywheelKinetic en Febrero 06, 2023
The ability to choose whether a user can: not view/view/view and edit/download Quotes not view/view/view and edit Goals not view/view/view and edit Forecast not view/view/view and edit Data Quality (in Data Management) not view/view Leer más
JCouch en Septiembre 14, 2022
Currently there are only the key contact properties that can be brought up by a 'Search' from the top bar. We'd like to choose which fields/properties are indexed so that we can easily have particular contacts appear in search results. At th Leer más
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Diciembre 01, 2022
While we can choose which properties can show in search results - those search results are only specific to the search bar within the top navigation....Leer más
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