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Melinda Green

HubSpot, email, and front-end developer


AJLaPorte en Enero 30, 2023
January 2023 updates include new public betas, VS Code Extension update, new default modules, CLI updates, data attributes in forms, partial prerendering support for two filters, and expiration dates in the file manager. Note: You can sign up f Leer más
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Febrero 08, 2023
There are also new grid format options such as horizontal masonry style, preset variable image sizes, etc. I'm seeing the separated new mod...Leer más
dennisedson en Enero 25, 2023
As of February 1, 2023, CMS Free and Starter customers will be limited to creating up to 3 language variations of their pages and posts. Why is HubSpot making these changes? These changes are being implemented to ensure that we p Leer más
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Enero 26, 2023
Checking my client who has language localization, there's no "CMS Hub" anything in their Billing section -- there's "Website" (part of an annual subs...Leer más
ron_kagan en Febrero 14, 2018
Hi, I want a pony. I discussed this after my initial request to sync with Salesforce had been resolved excellently by HubSpot Technical Support. So, since that was done to my satisfaction, I asked for a pony. I was told that I cut out a Leer más
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Diciembre 17, 2021
But back to ponies! Do we want a nice pony, or one like Naughty Ed to keep things interesting? ...Leer más
BJS en Diciembre 03, 2019
I have found that a handful of clients over the years have had multiple Domains and ergo multiple accounts registered with hubspot. Inevidably, at some point, they want to two of them together and host one on a subdomain of the other. Migrating pa Leer más
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Diciembre 01, 2021
YES. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT YES. We had to hand-migrate a fairly large site, with five language localizations, to another portal when the client decided...Leer más
CoreyChristian en Junio 29, 2021
A video can be an excellent tool for communication and promotion depending on how effective and engaging its content is. With this in mind, we’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes a video engaging. Please reply to this post and answer the bel Leer más
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Septiembre 23, 2021
Well, I'm offered them all the time, but the last one i *watched*? LOL I dive for the close button. I'm one of the 21% who vastly prefers text to vid...Leer más
kara_susvilla en Julio 11, 2021
Your content creation process should be something that's clear, repeatable, and organized. It's important to evaluate your process from time to time to see how it can be improved (for you and those you collaborate with). Before you create Leer más
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Septiembre 21, 2021
Low click rate, plus feedback from recipients that multi-topic newsletters are overwhelming and/or dilute the message with too many options.
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