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Shireen Salehi


angara on Abril 06, 2020
We want to use "Tasks" more intensively to register and measure all marketing and sales activities. But we cannot create a user-defined Property - please make this available. It should also be possible to see "Tasks" on the contact card on the r Leia mais
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Julho 20, 2024
Having task custom properties would be really helpful to stay organized and prioritize/filter tasks.
CaseyBinkley on Maio 24, 2017
Right now there is a maximum of 10 Task Queues I need way more than this. Hopefully they can be extended by alot soon.
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Abril 05, 2024
Agreed, we use the queues to categorize the types of sales follow ups based on customer type or marketing campaigns. 20 is not enough.
Salehish on Outubro 20, 2023
Would be great to be able to upload call files into the call playlist. We use the Ring Central integration and not all calls always record into hubspot, but they do save into Ringcentral. I'd love to be able to download the calls that don't save to Leia mais
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Salehish on Setembro 07, 2023
I often want to create contact lists where i can view certain company properties in the list columns. My current workaround is to clone all my company properties as contact properties and copy over the values - which is pretty inneficient and not id Leia mais
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natedame on Fevereiro 10, 2021
It would be amazing to have task-based workflows! We have various things generating tasks - especially sequences. Task queues don't solve every problem - and many situations are more nuanced. As a result, tasks have become more cumbersome to m Leia mais
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Julho 06, 2023
Also ability to automate: - Closing of tasks - Movement of task to different queues - Renaming tasks based on certain triggers
MeravKatz on Abril 06, 2022
Currently, if you make a mistake and tag an email or other activity under the wrong campaign, Hubspot allows you to edit which campaign it is set under but the reporting data is not updated retroactively. That means all of your data gets attriuted t Leia mais
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Maio 18, 2022
Agree that being able to create/edit campaigns retroactively and seeing the past data would be very helpful!
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