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Lee Haith


ablaas on Novembro 27, 2020
In forms, upgrade reCaptcha component to v3 - Improves conversion - Less friction and intrusiveness. Docs: Could be an option (choose v2 or v3) or directly upgrading to v3.
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Junho 01, 2023
our CMS forms had v3. Now we have recently changed to hubspot embeded forms.. We have gone back in time 10 years !!! Our users have to do the fun...Leia mais
serlim on Junho 28, 2022
Hi team! Worked with a customer today who had the following suggestions for our Customer Portal tool. I think these suggestions would greatly benefit our customers and their customers in turn. 1. Customers who open tickets via the portal should b Leia mais
18 avaliações positivas
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Janeiro 11, 2023
100% agree, we just launched the portal for this very purpose. We want to expose fields for the end users to change many different values of a ticket...Leia mais
SSonoquie on Março 14, 2022
It would be helpful if I could track views on the web version of emails I send out. I send direct links to the web version via text and facebook
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Junho 06, 2022
Hello i have come across the same issue. Some of our audience (internal staff) don't have email - we intend to push them to the webpage version of th...Leia mais
AGawlik on Julho 15, 2021
It would be very helpful to be able to sync the social media posts (whether from a Campaign calendar or just the Social calendar) to a Google Calendar. This currently isn't even possible with Zapier 😞
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Fevereiro 18, 2022
Great idea and similar to what i was about to post on here.. 👍 i am hoping for an ical feed. Many people within the team/company wants to see wha...Leia mais
TSR on Julho 02, 2018
Hi All, We have recently been experimenting with all the HubSpot tools and they seem to be working well for us, But a big issue we have found is the inability to use our custom domains we have added as the link for our Document tracking and attac Leia mais
159 avaliações positivas
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Outubro 28, 2020
Hi we havent been using much of the sales features on Hubspot but i decided to take another look today. Perticulary the document handling The fir...Leia mais
Jameel on Maio 24, 2018
When using the Inbox feature, each item must be opened individually. Multiple selections and batch actions are not available (example for closing batch emails or assigning in bulk) The individual action only results is an extremely tedious an Leia mais
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Janeiro 09, 2020
Hi @cambria So filtering conversations is a little better now, but the date filter is crazy, and the bulk options are sparse. Can you just chan...Leia mais
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