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Sky Stephens


JHackney on Fevereiro 16, 2021
So I don't think this actually implemented in HubSpot, but I want to know if there is a workaround for this. Let's say that we want to give people one calendar link where they can schedule a meeting with one of two team members. Let's call this Me Leia mais
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Participante | Parceiro Ouro
Junho 22, 2021
This feature is desperately needed in Hubspot and I've found this thread and upvoted it here - mais
LBurnham on Janeiro 21, 2021
The Round Robin Team Meeting feature almost meets my need. It would be nice when the link is opened and the calendar displayed to show a list of the Team Members whose calendars are being checked for availability and then select 1) Check availabili Leia mais
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Participante | Parceiro Ouro
Junho 22, 2021
Yes please this is so important and is quite standard in other online calendar apps. It's especially important to have prospect choose who they...Leia mais
matt1406 on Maio 02, 2021
Use Case: Sales Team members need to set different personal availability for 2 type of Meetings which are scheduled via a Round Robin Team Meeting. Ex: Team Meeting link with Meeting Type of "Discovery" User 1 - only available for these meet Leia mais
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Participante | Parceiro Ouro
Junho 22, 2021
I 100% Agree! It's 2021 and team members are everywhere... Getting them to block out the hours they finish work in their calendars is backwards...Leia mais
jessio on Maio 30, 2018
I think it would be great to be able to schedule a recurring meeting with a contact. At the moment you can schedule meetings & integrate this with your calendar but you can't schedule it to happen every week, month etc, so you need to continue a Leia mais
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Março 23, 2021
This is very necessary - Any updates from Hubspot on this?
Mateo-Off2Class on Outubro 05, 2020
I would like to see a feature that shows what the local time is for a contact. The community forum refers to Google Chrome extensions like Fox Clocks, but even then there is the work of figuring out what time zone they're in. It would be g Leia mais
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Participante | Parceiro Ouro
Janeiro 11, 2021
I was just about to add this! It would be incredibly helpful. If Hubspot can build this to off of either the address located in the relatd compan...Leia mais
Sky on Julho 20, 2020
Think of Google Sheets for a moment. When you are in a sheet you can see when other team members just in and what cell they are in at any moment. You can see them move through a sheet. Now imagine that inside Hubspot. It would be incred Leia mais
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