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Will Smith

Will is a Certified HubSpot Trainer with a track record of 100+ companies successfully onboarded to the HubSpot platform. Will came into the world of integrated digital marketing in 2018 equipped with decades of invaluable high school teaching experience, which helps him create and deliver engaging training programs that guide HubSpot clients to getting the most out of their marketing software investment. Will recently spoke at HubSpot’s annual INBOUND conference, delivering a Deep Dive Session about how to successfully onboard and manage organizational change when implementing the HubSpot Marketing and Sales Hubs. When Will isn't HubSpot-ing, he is performing, producing music, or simply having a good time with his wife (Christie), 3 kids (Nick, Grace and Rob), and 2 dogs (Athena and Sidney).


L-A-Horner on Dezember 12, 2019
Hello, I have tried looking in the forum for answers for being able to custimize yhe lead status options that are set as default but haven't had much luck. First of all is this possible? secondly, if not, do you think this is something worth adding? Beitrag ansehen
17 Antworten
Autorität | Diamond Partner
Juni 04, 2024
@VZadoynov Yes. There is a HubSpot default property of "Lead Status" for companies - to distinguish the "company's sales, prospecting or outreach ...Beitrag ansehen
aboppart on Juni 23, 2020
This may have already been addressed, but we just connected our Office 365 inbox. Now every email/activity we create in Outlook is being recorded in Hubspot. Everytime we send an email, a new contact is created in Hubspot. I thought Hubspot would on Beitrag ansehen
Autorität | Diamond Partner
Februar 12, 2024
Hi @MariannaC It's been a few years since I last used the Office 365 integration, so I was unable to test this. There is a big "on/off" button in...Beitrag ansehen
agrodomain on Oktober 31, 2019
We have observed poor and low open as well as click rates for most of our marketing emails sent out. How can we confirm that the emails are actually delivered to the Inbox of the intended recipients and not the SPARM folder. If the emails are going Beitrag ansehen
7 Antworten
Autorität | Diamond Partner
März 13, 2023
@alexagatiss - please see my response below: The optimization tool (and the corresponding toolbar) is available when creating a custom email. It...Beitrag ansehen
danielrodri on Juni 04, 2019
Hello, Is it possible to view the users activity in a period of time. For example, to see in a "time line" if one of my users has loged in, posted notes, created contacts, emails, etc.
20 Antworten
Autorität | Diamond Partner
März 07, 2023
100% correct. Thanks for the update @LThomas13 - yes, HubSpot has certainly improved since 2019, when the original post was written. Also, the peop...Beitrag ansehen
willsmith on Januar 20, 2023
Want to define how a contracting company uses HubSpot? KP Contracting is hiring for this position before starting their HubSpot journey. This is an opportunity to start with a fresh, clean HubSpot portal in an environment that invests in their peop Beitrag ansehen
bsm007 on Juni 16, 2022
I am looking for either a Hubspot integration and/or workflow that can send graphical greeting cards based on the contact record's birthday. Ideally, I would like a solution that also offered other greeting cards (sympathy, new baby, etc.) that Beitrag ansehen
6 Antworten
Autorität | Diamond Partner
Juni 16, 2022
Hi @bsm007 Have you taken a look at the integration?
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