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Mali Brown

Experienced Digital Marketing Specialist and HubSpot Expert with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in Marketing Automation, HubSpot Onboarding, PPC, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Training.


lou_ae en Noviembre 10, 2019
Hi there As many may have noticed, big brands are starting to add in the option to view UI in Dark Mode. When we send out an email, our branding currently uses dark text - as most email clients (up until now) have had a light background. If we Leer más
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Agosto 16, 2023
Still waiting for this to happen! Our clients need to be able to see the difference.
Jonnydk en Agosto 15, 2021
Please allow users to create multiple standard " hubspot lifecycle stages " per business unit. This will allow us to use the standard HS reporting features that use this field e.g. Ads. This will save us from creating custom fields and lots of opera Leer más
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Agosto 02, 2023
This would be super useful!
Daria en Marzo 31, 2017
We're currently using HubSpot for Twitter posts, but when it comes to Facebook and LinkedIn... We simply can't, and here's why: we need to use language targeting for Facebook, as our fans speak various languages and we don't have the same message fo Leer más
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Marzo 24, 2023
Is there an update to when this be released? @Daria
McPoyle en Marzo 02, 2023
I'm relatively new to Hubspot reporting and I'm trying to create what I thought was a very simple report: Sales by Item. I can't seem to find (or create a calculated field) in Line Items that gives me the extended price (unit price x qty) for indiv Leer más
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Marzo 03, 2023
Thanks for the mention @PamCotton . What subscription are you on @McPoyle ? You can report on line items if using Professional or Enterprise ...Leer más
LBorton en Enero 26, 2023
Is there a way to pull in line items when we merge deals? Currently if I merge an old deal with line items into a new deal with no line items they don't get pulled over.
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Enero 27, 2023
Hi @LBorton . When merging two deals, this should pull through all line items on a deal. Can you provide screenshots of this happening? As in...Leer más
Yu_Takano en Enero 11, 2023
展示会で獲得した、名刺情報のインポートを予定しています。 姓名/メールアドレスなどのインポート方法は存じているのですが、 具体的に「2023年春のITイベント」にて交換した名刺情報などの 情報をコンタクトに追加するにはどうすれば良いのでしょうか? ①CSVインポートにて、イベントの具体名を紐づけることはできるのか ②上位プランを契約してキャンペーンを使う必要があるのか 皆様から教えていただけますと幸いです。 ■利用プラン ・Marketing Hub Leer más
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Enero 11, 2023
Hi @Yu_Takano Sorry if I have misunderstood - I used Google Translate to understand your question. If you are planning on using a CSV...Leer más
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