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Alex Mackrill

Creative, strategist, inbound marketer and founding partner of one of the world's top 5 HubSpot agencies


AlexMackrill on August 24, 2023
You should have an option to hide a module on a CMS rather than deleting it. Exaqmple use case - I had a change in draft to add a new module to our homepage as part of a campaign launch. Before that launch date there were other updates need read more
JorieMunroe on July 11, 2021
We’re in a data-driven era, where datasets are shared between marketing, sales, and customer service teams to increase organizational effectiveness and facilitate alignment. When you have high levels of inconsistent data, it’s not just one team tak read more
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September 23, 2021
We have developed a framework for using lists and workflows, as well as additional tools such as Neverbounce, to do this on an ongoing basis. This more
ClaraS on September 18, 2020
Would be great to be able to hide variations that does not have any content in them. For example, when contacts in one list should only see 3 content modules, and contacts in another list should see 5 content modules in a newsletter. Today it's pos read more
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September 12, 2021
Same here, this comes up as a problem all the time. Sometimes we have to make up some content just to fill the space as it can't be removed! Come more
Natalia_RC on February 04, 2019
Hi community, I am trying to create an email with multiple content sections. In a non-mobile view, the image and copy in each content section would alternate sides of the screen (i.e. Section 1: Image Left and Copy Right, Section 2: Image Right read more
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September 05, 2021
Is it anywhere on the product roadmap to add a toggle for two coloum modules, or any kind of option for controlling the order? It seems fairly more
sgriggs63 on May 04, 2020
Creating Products within the Portal and needing to switch between Monthly and Annual Billing. Created the Products for Monthly and would like the ability to Clone that Monthly Product and modify the Identifier to Annually without having to build al read more
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August 19, 2020
Second this! It's absolutely crazy that you can't clone a product. We have 4 tiers of every product and have to create a new one every time, even more
AlexMackrill on August 06, 2020
It should be possible (based on the data already pulling into HubSpot through the ads portal) to attribute ad sets to HubSpot campaigns. That would enable the campaign reports to not only show the ads that belonged to that campaign (currently you h read more
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