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Ari Haas

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ybn on December 01, 2020
It should be possible to define a label when associating a object. Possibly through a button that would appear next to "Preview" when you hover above the association card. This label would be displayed in the card when listing the associations (as t read more
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January 05, 2022
Association lables for custom objects please!
YiRui_Chua on August 29, 2021
Hi team! Raising this for a customer here. We recently implemented the ability to sync tasks over to the calendar shown here: Some cust read more
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November 26, 2021
What about syncing tickets to Google Calendar?
Invorio on May 24, 2017
When I schedule a task (eg call) I'd like a check box to show the task in Google Calendar (like meetings, but without mailing the contact).
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November 26, 2021
We still need this to be 2 way though!
DonWill on May 18, 2017
As our organization does a lot of work with Latin America, WhatsApp integration is essential for the growth of our organization. It is a tool that is necessary for any business in Latin America and integration with HubSpot would make our job so much read more
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September 12, 2021
Its time to reevaluate! Every popular helpdesk software offers it and its a lot easier these days through Twilio. Its not a channel you can continue more
MichiEck on May 30, 2018
We use several target groups for different ages (for example 18-25, 30plus, 50plus) therefore we require a solid way how to categorize the age of a contact. Furthermore, this would allow to send Birthday-Mails or to set task for a call. Date read more
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May 04, 2021
@jeffvincent it does really require a new property type, its more so that the workflows and filters should be able to go by the month, day and more
Dylan on January 04, 2020
Breaking apart from this, 2 part idea: HubSpot should allow admins to define a different set of required properties based on the pipeline a deal read more
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April 29, 2021
Same thing with ticket pipelines!
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