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Ryanne Howard

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WGreene le Février 22, 2024
I use this technique with the Single Send API - I have a "template" (which is actually an Email) with some custom tags such as {{custom.messageBody}} . When I call the Single Send API I can pass dynamic (e.g. generated on our side and then sent v Lire la suite
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Modérateur HubSpot
Février 23, 2024
Hey @Shane_Janssens , any potential insight you can share into this inquiry? This customer also opened a Support ticket about the features availabl...Lire la suite
EOhayon6 le Janvier 27, 2022
Hi, I earned this Digital Advertising Certification in Oct. 2021 and all of sudden I don't see the certificate in my folder. Please advise and resend me the certification.
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Modérateur HubSpot
Janvier 27, 2022
Hi @EOhayon6 , Thanks for reaching out! I'm seeing this certification as almost complete. It seems that you need to submit the final survey...Lire la suite
KdeVilliers le Janvier 27, 2022
Howdy! I've been trying to complete my certification for both the HubSpot Marketing Software and the HubSpot Sales Software courses. I've been waiting for more than a week for my practical exercises to be marked. Are my exercises somehow bugged? Lire la suite
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Modérateur HubSpot
Janvier 27, 2022
Hi @KdeVilliers , Thanks for reaching out! Can you please provide links to the content you've created for the practicals? I'd be happy to rev...Lire la suite
LdaSilveira le Janvier 26, 2022
Hello! I'm trying to complete a practical exercise (create a blog post) for the CMS for marketers certificate. Even though I completed the following step. Its still saying I need to complete it. Please advise. Thank you!  
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Modérateur HubSpot
Janvier 27, 2022
Hi @LdaSilveira , Thanks for reaching out! Could you please provide a link to the post you've created for this practical? Thanks! Rya...Lire la suite
CristhianFuente le Janvier 21, 2022
Hello, Dear, The practical exercises of the sales certification are not approved despite having already completed them a week ago. I need you to review my practical exercises and thus obtain my certification. Thank you.
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Modérateur HubSpot
Janvier 21, 2022
Hi @CristhianFuente , Thanks for reaching out! Could you please a screenshot of the saved filter and a link to the created deal that you comp...Lire la suite
JBurtJr le Janvier 19, 2022
Hello, I am hoping to receive a PDF copy of a certification I have completed. I cannot seem to access my account and need to present this PDF copy to a Professor to receive full credit on a course. Thank you
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Modérateur HubSpot
Janvier 20, 2022
Hi @JBurtJr , Thanks for reaching out! If your account is no longer active, I can assist with transferring your certifications to a new accou...Lire la suite
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