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Daniel Düngel


KHeng en Febrero 27, 2024
Currently snippets can only be created manually and there is no way to create snippets in bulk such as through an import. It requires a lot of copy and paste which most users do have the time or resources to devote to. It would be benefic Leer más
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Marzo 04, 2024
omg we would love that! funny, that we asked for this feature lastly at hubspot support // @LisaStappert
crodgers en Agosto 30, 2019
My company is making some changes to our value proposition. Since we use that in just about all forms of communication, I need to go through each and every asset to update them. My sales team uses hundreds of snippets, many of which mention our valu Leer más
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Enero 03, 2024
we would love this feature - @dtyre @LisaStappert @MiaSrebrnjak is there a chance to get any info about that FR?
j-z en Noviembre 06, 2023
Hi, I would like to request a feature for a multi-step form to be created within 1 Hubspot Lead form, without the need to create multiple forms and redirect via the submission button. The current way is very tedious. I'm looking at a s Leer más
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Noviembre 13, 2023
If I remember correctly, such feature request is on the roadmap for 2024 already. Would appreciate it really!
MWolf en Septiembre 14, 2023
Ich benötige Hilfe bei einer spezifischen Anforderung, die ich mit den derzeitigen Funktionen von HubSpot nicht lösen kann. Zumindest ist mir eine funktionierende Lösung bisher nicht eingefallen: Ich habe eine aktive Liste (oder alternativ eine Leer más
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Septiembre 16, 2023
Hey @MiaSrebrnjak ich sehe das so wie Karsten. Mir erscheint hier HubSpot-Workflows der nicht perfekte Ort für eine wiederkehrende administrative...Leer más
JNunez en Febrero 16, 2023
Hi HubSpot Team, It would be really helpful if we can customize meeting confirmations and include links for leads to signup for a free trial ahead of time. Leads who booked a demo are considered warmed leads after all. If they signed up for a fr Leer más
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Febrero 27, 2023
omg we would really appreciate such a possibility
rwolupo en Enero 06, 2022
i saw somewhere an option to pause Newsletter-Subscription as alternative to unsuscribe a NL-Subscription. Is it possible to integrate smth like that in HubSpot?
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