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OSid on December 15, 2022
I am looking to redirect users to a different page (for an academic account) based on them making that selection in a Hubspot from field. This ideally would happen onchange and occur as soon as it is selected instead of happening on a form submissi read more
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December 15, 2022
Hey @OSid take a look at the global form events. what you could do is when the for is ready attach your change event listeners.
PAtlan on October 29, 2022
I'm trying to create additional functionality for my users with a CRM Card development. However, I need to show them a form in a modal at some point, in order to run some more involved logic than can fit in a simple card. I'd love for that modal f read more
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November 24, 2022
Hey @PAtlan Ah I see! I don't think hs has made that available by iteself. But you could very easily inspect the hs dashboard, click the more
VoytechMedia on November 22, 2022
Hello, I am wondering if it would be possible to generate items from my HubDB table after certain button being clicked. To be more specific - I do not want to generate all the items rightaway and display/hide them w css class but dynamically genera read more
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November 22, 2022
Hey @VoytechMedia Before looking at a JS solution my first thought would be to look into lazy loading or potentially just off loading more
AenghasHP on November 22, 2022
Hi, We're looking at changing payment providers from ChargeBee over to Stripe. As a part of the swap over we need to change our sign up process, which I've begun on this page ( ) Ideally, customers will read more
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November 22, 2022
Hey @AenghasHP JS can be a hurdle but you're getting close! We might be missing some context, but I do think you can refactor your code more
sanntn on June 17, 2022
Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to use a variable when filtering Hubdb data so I wouldn't have to create multiple row queries. Here's my setup. {% set data = hubdb_table_rows(xxxxxx) %} . {% for country in countries %} read more
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November 22, 2022
Hey @PDeT Comparing strings can be tricky! Look into using a few filters to clean up the strings comparing. Potential filters being; trim, more
MichaelKremer on November 18, 2022
Hello! First time poster here, hopefully I'm in the right forum. We are converting over our current website from a Wordpress site to the HubSpot CMS. So far, so good, but the one thing we are really struggling with is finding how to recre read more
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November 21, 2022
Hey @MichaelKremer We do this kind of thing quite often! I personally like to use mapbox to build anything involved with maps. This brief has more
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