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jstahl on Novembro 07, 2017
Products is new - but data entry for products takes a lot of time - especially when we have excel lists of partners who purchased X products during Y month. With the products feature, the CRM will now automatically calculate the value of the product Leia mais
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Março 26, 2019
I agree
JeanJones on Setembro 21, 2017
Google My Business is a great tool for localized businesses to engage with customers, and people who leave reviews. It would be great to see whether we can integrate this similarly to how we integrated Google Plus (and since they are phasing this o Leia mais
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Janeiro 22, 2019
Yes please to this feature, especially as Google+ is stopping.
asgJim on Abril 14, 2017
We're running into an issue with trying to use workflows to set contact owner. The problem is, our contacts are syncing to salesforce BEFORE the workflows run. The workflows set the contact owner in hubspot. So, the contact is being created in sa Leia mais
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Dezembro 10, 2018
Yes please. It's a property in the portal and seems strange why we can't add it in the Forms tool as a simple way to assign leads.
jrwthetreegroup on Novembro 29, 2018
It would be good to be able to set required deal stages for a pipeline. For example; a pipeline for 'New business' (prosects that are not yet customers), it would be good to force the sales team to add a deal at the first stage then have to progress Leia mais
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stinhambo on Agosto 01, 2018
I'm playing with the qualification bot that comes with Marketing Starter and there are a couple of things missing that I think should be offered before it's useful - Switching between Messages and Bot depending on business hours/away status o Leia mais
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Novembro 21, 2018
Yes please. If somebody is 'available' it would be good to have the option to automatically turn off the Bot then when nobody is available for the Bo...Leia mais
srichter on Setembro 19, 2017
As a previous Eloqua user (not saying I liked Eloqua by any means) I used to have the ability to add or remove modules from an email when building in the email creator. I find it a little annoying that I have to build a template if I need to swap or Leia mais
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Setembro 27, 2018
100% need this. I use plain text marketing emails as part of lead nurturing and I want to send emails that appear to come from different team members...Leia mais
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