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Fernando en May 20, 2022
I want users to be able to enroll contacts in workflows, but I dont want them to do any more than that.
Abril 21, 2023
Yes, this is highly desirable to empower users to use workflows without having to surrender the keys to modifying all workflows.
rvzello en Febrero 10, 2023
If your exclusion list is anything like ours, it becomes quickly difficult to manage in the Hubspot UI. The list becomes very long and it is difficult to see which domains are already there, which ones need to be added, etc. Idealy we would have an Leer más
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gallegretti en May 13, 2021
Currently, there's no way to access a specific pipeline directly via URL. Ex: I have two pipelines, 'Sales Pipeline' and 'Sales Pipeline 2'. No matter which one I select on the dropdown, the URL will stay the same. ( Leer más
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Septiembre 30, 2022
This doesn't seem to complicated to implement and would presumably save on the order of millions of clicks per day.
WaydeChristie1 en Enero 21, 2022
Hi folks, I'm using several external APIs in workflow custom code actions which require their API tokens to be regularly refreshed. I could create a separate workflow to refresh these tokens on a regular basis, but I have no way of sto Leer más
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May 26, 2022
Example use case: Zoominfo's API requires the refreshing of the JWT every 60 minutes but specifically prohibits the use of the authentication endpo...Leer más
rvzello en May 14, 2022
Whenever we want to archive properties, the action is often blocked by the fact that the properties is part of the column set of a view created by someone else. This only leaves the option of deleting the view, or attempting to get the other person Leer más
rvzello en May 03, 2022
We send form submissions to Hubspot using the form API for people filling up forms in one of our mobile apps. We get many hundreds of submissions a day and this means we use just as many API credits in the tools we are using as well as in Hubspot. S Leer más
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