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LAryan on Março 10, 2023
Hi there, I have created a custom parameter called urltype and I want to store the value in a custom property called urltype. How can I extract the value of the parameter from the URL and store it in the custom property? Regards, Lok Leia mais
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Março 10, 2023
Hi Lokesh, Give this post a look - You basically create a field with the same name as the url property and then set that as a hidden field on y...Leia mais
KaKaRoT on Janeiro 07, 2023
Hi, I'm new to HubSpot Marketing Hub and I've been given a task to design landing pages in HubSpot. When I try to create landing pages and choose the theme it is not matching with our actual website which is developed in WordPress (maybe). I Leia mais
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Janeiro 07, 2023
Matching a HubSpot landing page to an existing WordPress site can be done but requires custom-coded templates. Do you have landing pages curre...Leia mais
WoodAlexa on Dezembro 10, 2022
Hello, Do you have a moment to answer a quick question? What are the chances of cloudflare hurting Google rankings or SEO for a website? Google is helping me find the answer I'm looking for. I, however , find it confusing to read answers. I decid Leia mais
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Dezembro 10, 2022
If you are trying to reach a global audience with your website, it is very important and helpful. In my experience, it greatly impacts TTFB or time t...Leia mais
SD_dev on Dezembro 08, 2022
Hi everyone, Is it possible to add a 2nd featured image field to a blog post? My site has a very wide blog image design, it's a big hero image. This uploads and displays - fine. But it looks really bad when we share on social media like Facebook Leia mais
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Dezembro 08, 2022
I have accomplished this before by adding an image tag to the blog post template and give it a label "Hero Image" - mais
jackson_OFO on Dezembro 07, 2022
Hi, I'm looking for a dynamic product comparison module similar to this one here . I was wondering if you can achieve this with HubSpot and if not, are there any 3rd party apps that can be embedded? Thanks.
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Dezembro 07, 2022
Hi @jackson_OFO this could be built using a custom module. You could have two groups with each group having repeatable items. Could you please expl...Leia mais
sjay on Novembro 30, 2022
Hi Team, Most of our SVG icons have suddenly disappeared/been Missed on our web pages. Heard that HubSpot recently moved all files (images, pdf, etc.) to a new CDN server. In that process, unfortunately, we lost most of the Images. After a r Leia mais
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Dezembro 03, 2022
@sjay You're welcome. Here are some ways you could try and figure out how/when/by whom edited the theme. Go to Marketing > Design Tools &g...Leia mais
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