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Paulette Leach


AnaMura on Novembro 18, 2019
I know that Hubspot is not currently supporting this functionality, but it will help a lot to manually start a ticket from incoming email (not via workflow, but via Gmail extension) or from Slack, similarly to what you have for creating a new 'Task Leia mais
109 avaliações positivas
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Setembro 01, 2022
Agreed, this would be very helpful from within Outlook and the Hubspot Add-in. There is no easy and consistent way to do this via conversations, as ...Leia mais
lauraalbr on Abril 08, 2020
We are trying to report on at what time our customers/leads are writing us on the live chat to adapt the availabilities of our staff. While it is possible to run this report manually (the export will tell you the time in the 'create date', not Leia mais
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Abril 19, 2022
Upvoting as well. This is critical to map staffing needs for coverage and to determine trends.
Arne on Abril 26, 2019
We have quite a number of workflows in HubSpot that classify, notify, assign tasks and owners. If such users are out of office, processes get stuck in the dead end waiting for the users to eg come back from vacation. We are using rotation in some c Leia mais
282 avaliações positivas
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Abril 05, 2022
Adding our vote too. An out of office designation or away, or something to keep tickets flowing to available staff. We want to turn on the automated...Leia mais
pleach on Janeiro 21, 2021
The HS created My Tasks report used to show ALL open tasks, regardless of due date. Any past due tasks would show in RED. All tasks would have a check box to allow you to close the task from the report screen. The report would sort the tasks by d Leia mais
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EvaDixon on Agosto 14, 2018
It would be great to have the option to disable email attachments from being automatically saved to Companies / Contacts. There is no need for us to store this information in Hubspot and often the same file is saved multiple times (if the same atta Leia mais
74 avaliações positivas
36 Respostas
Agosto 12, 2020
I agree. There is no need to save the logos in HS. Making it easier to view and clean these up, would be a nice buy off. Turning off the attachmen...Leia mais
Org3D on Maio 17, 2019
If I have a contact who has an attachment associated with them, I want to be able to search elements of that attachment. So I want to be able to search for specific words within that attachment. An example might be that I've attached resumes to each Leia mais
88 avaliações positivas
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Agosto 12, 2020
I would like to be able to search Attachments in a Thumbnail view, so you can see what types of docs they are. It would also be good to be able to s...Leia mais
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