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Andrew Perl

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ROlson le Janvier 04, 2021
You should have the ability to delete an email directly from the activity Feed and there should be a way to bulk delete emails logged to the Activity Feed.
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Mars 14, 2023
This would be a nice feature to have available to system admins!
AndrewinKC le Janvier 09, 2023
It would be nice to have the ability to flush the cache on our sites - similar to how it is done on WordPress. We often have to make CSS changes and it would be nice to manually force a cache flush instead f having to wait or write a bunch of code. Lire la suite
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CBaylor le Décembre 13, 2022
It would be nice to have the ability to create separate "workspaces" for page changes. This would allow team members to simultaneously work on updates to different portions/modules on the same page. It would help with version control and allow chang Lire la suite
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Décembre 13, 2022
This would be an awesome addition!
AndrewinKC le Septembre 15, 2022
Has anyone here integrated Adobe Workfront with Hubspot? Looking for ideas on how we can leverage the capabilities of both tools. Looking for how we might capture review feedback into Adobe and make previews of emails available within Workfront. Lire la suite
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AndrewinKC le Août 30, 2022
When creating new user IDs in Hubspot from Salesforce: Have the ability to search by user name or email address. My integration displays @450 IDs when I am trying to add two users. The only option right now is to scroll through the list - not very Lire la suite
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AndrewinKC le Juin 08, 2022
A couple of enhancements would make campaigns even more useful for our marketers. Ability to associate active lists with a campaign. Just to have them reflected on the campaign page. Possibily highlight the growth of active lists over time woul Lire la suite
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