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Kim Bockin


giuliastradoni on Abril 21, 2022
We should be able to choose if we want to associate only the primary company or all the companies of the contact while creating a new deal via workflow. Please add this option to the create record action in workflows
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Janeiro 04, 2023
I would also be interested in helping with beta testing. Deals associating to more than one company messes up my Salesforce integration (in Salesforc...Leia mais
JTroskie on Março 30, 2022
It would be really useful to be able to group/categorise subscriptions, for example, if we have partner communications, there are different subscription types relating to that (partner newsletter, product updates etc.), that would fall within the p Leia mais
33 avaliações positivas
5 Respostas
Julho 19, 2022
This would be immensely useful... especially for Enterprise customers. We have multiple marketing teams working within our portal but yet have to sha...Leia mais
nathanparis on Maio 29, 2019
Right now you only have the abilty to create tasks in workflows. Other MA platforms allow you to merge fields and save into a note during autmation which is extremly handy for team members when viewing hisotry of activity. For example someone f Leia mais
332 avaliações positivas
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Setembro 02, 2021
Looking for a solution to this for our Salesforce integration. I want to sync notes into the contact activity log in SFDC without creating a task (an...Leia mais
lujemo on Junho 02, 2020
We need the functionality to display child companies and associated info in the target account overview of a Parent company account. Currently, if we have the parent company as a target account, we can't see any child company information. We Leia mais
72 avaliações positivas
27 Respostas
Março 24, 2021
Also agree... we have global key accounts and we want to view and there are dozens of child accounts under them. What is the point of this target acc...Leia mais
platform9mktg on Agosto 11, 2019
Hubspot enables you to look through deleted contacts and recover them manually, but if you delete a large number (say 100K which we just did) trying to find one or two is difficult. If we could search using emails (i.e., the same way you can se Leia mais
48 avaliações positivas
17 Respostas
Janeiro 21, 2021
Extremely necessary!!
asmeal12 on Outubro 17, 2018
[7/7/2022 Update] Since this post has continued to receive upvotes and comments, I wanted to take a moment to update my original post to clarify this is now live for Enterprise users . Learn More: Leia mais
205 avaliações positivas
86 Respostas
Setembro 15, 2020
Just jumping on this bandwagon. Working on a HubSpot/Salesforce integration and NEED to control the amount of notifications users could be bombarded ...Leia mais
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