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Stephen Armitage

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SteveArmitage le Septembre 15, 2022
The new WhatsApp and LinkedIn activity types look great, but we need to be able to map them to Salesforce Tasks through the Salesforce integration.
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SteveArmitage le Juillet 04, 2022
When you enter a company name or domain to associate a contact with an account, it shows matches. I have 2 suggestions: 1. In the create tab, if it finds a match, allow me to select and say 'use this account'. Currently, I have to go to the exis Lire la suite
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karstenkoehler le Mai 29, 2021
Hello product team, Currently it's not possible to create an actual "look but don't touch" account for users who should have view only access. The documentation makes it sound like that's possible but users without sales access, for ex Lire la suite
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Août 04, 2021
I have a slight variation on this: I want our users to be able to view and edit existing records, but not create new ones. Our specific issue is ...Lire la suite
Rianne le Mars 08, 2019
Within our organization we use Microsoft Teams for all meetings. When people book a meeting through the Meeting tool with someone, we now have to manually send out an additional Microsoft Teams meeting. We would like to these meeting tool invites to Lire la suite
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Décembre 17, 2020
I would love to be a Beta tester. I was planning on using meeting scheduler, but find I cannot as there is no Teams meeting integration.
ndwilliams3 le Janvier 25, 2017
Workflows can be complex and it would be great it you could add notes to a step to explain what it's doing for other members on the team. In programming, you leave comments in the code to help explain a function, why not have something similar in Lire la suite
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Mai 18, 2020
@MeganLegge @jtremblay The titles for IF statements was been a great step forward to help explain the logic in 'marketing english'. Anything els...Lire la suite
SteveArmitage le Novembre 21, 2019
I want videos (and possibly all file types) to act like CTA's, Forms & Page views 1. Contact timeline activity I want our team to see that a contact has viewed a video & %viewed they viewed in the contact activity timeline, similar to C Lire la suite
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