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Sebastian Schuhl

I am a Digital/Online Marketing Professional with a passion to help growing companies to build and improve their marketing strategy and efforts, in particular in the digital space. As freelance Inbound Marketing Advisor, I support companies with their B2B marketing strategy. Focusing on the Inbound Marketing methodology, I help to implement the right processes, workflows, and tools for a streamlined, measurable and data-driven marketing execution. Get in touch and connect with me on LinkedIn to talk about Inbound Marketing and HubSpot. Cheers!


karstenkoehler on Janeiro 23, 2023
Hello product team, For HubSpot admins, one of the biggest challenges is keeping a portal organized, cleaned up and prevent overall chaos. Especially in Enterprise portals with sometimes hundreds of users, it's almost impossible to get users t Leia mais
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Fevereiro 14, 2023
This would be super powerful!
gsatwik on Janeiro 17, 2020
The idea is to have a Multiple Select Drop-down, which can enable a form visitor to select multiple options for a property by clicking on a dropdown and searching for an option. This would essentially be an altrenative for Multiple Checkbox Field Ty Leia mais
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Fevereiro 14, 2023
Much needed feature 🙂
TErickson_OW on Janeiro 24, 2023
Hi All, Question, can I create custom Pop-Up Tours for when I make changes in Hubspot? Let me drop some context here. This would be for all users. If I could enable it by team that would be even sweeter. As Hubspot rolls out new features , the Leia mais
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Janeiro 25, 2023
Great Idea!
Beka on Janeiro 28, 2020
Previously in reports on dashboards, when you drilled down to a table view you could control the order in which the fields appeared by rearranging them in the data section of the editor. Now, you are not able to control this feature and there ar Leia mais
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Janeiro 10, 2023
Hard to believe this is not possible at the moment. Drill-Down functionality becomes completely impractical with a random order of properties.
MichaelC on Junho 02, 2021
Hello community 👋 and product team ✌️ Background Today it is possible to create and pin your own custom views within contacts, companies, deals, tickets and more (lets use the word objects from now on). A HubSpot user may edit col Leia mais
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Novembro 03, 2022
I'm mindblown that Super Admins cannot edit/remane/delete Views of any HubSpot Users. As of right now, it's also extremely difficult to even find ...Leia mais
SLobenberg on Setembro 18, 2021
Hi everyone! Our team has automated follow-up emails sent through Workflows, I'm looking for a way to create a reports dashboard that shows Open Rates and Click Rates for each email within the Workflow. I'm trying to display these in percent Leia mais
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Agosto 31, 2022
Same here. Would love to see this implemented!
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