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Sebastian Schuhl

I am a Digital/Online Marketing Professional with a passion to help growing companies to build and improve their marketing strategy and efforts, in particular in the digital space. As freelance Inbound Marketing Advisor, I support companies with their B2B marketing strategy. Focusing on the Inbound Marketing methodology, I help to implement the right processes, workflows, and tools for a streamlined, measurable and data-driven marketing execution. Get in touch and connect with me on LinkedIn to talk about Inbound Marketing and HubSpot. Cheers!


Anonymous en Abril 05, 2021
HubSpot does not currently have a functionality that will allow you to select the desired unit of time within a report. Our company has KPI's we try to hit each quarter and having the most accurate information is vital to keeping track of the Leer más
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Abril 22, 2024
Same here: some customers prefer to look at it as minutes, some as hours, some as days. But all of them would like to have one unified metric; not a...Leer más
RebeccaAM en Enero 05, 2021
I'd love to see a way to report on ticket status aging. We track how long our deals sit in a stage and often our tickets mirror that. The next best option would be to see how old a ticket is.
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Abril 18, 2024
Yes. We'd also need the option to count a) ALL Days (in minutes) or b) Business Days only (minutes).
SKirwan en Agosto 22, 2021
Would be great to have a calculation method that allows you to calculate business (working) days/hours/minutes between two dates. This allows for more accurate SLA reporting. Business days should also take into consideration local public holidays as Leer más
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Abril 18, 2024
Yes, this is very important for e.g. (custom) Ticket SLAs monitoring how long (Business Days only) a Ticket has been open for.
JessieS en Abril 25, 2023
There is currently no way to set default associations or de-select unwanted associations in the Conversations Inbox when replying to conversations sent to a team email (Settings>Inbox>Inboxes). This option is available on the record leve Leer más
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Abril 03, 2024
Yes! This is extremely important to not clutter the CRM with "irrelevant" Emails. This creates a lot of confusion between Customer Service (Inbox...Leer más
BHays6 en Julio 19, 2021
When creating custom reports it would be great to have the ability to create custom groups within the report to aggregate/group property level data. For example, to be able to create an industry report where you're able to group the 150+ industries Leer más
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Abril 01, 2024
Yes, this would be great... +1! Currently, a workaround is to create these groupings in the CRM with a combination of a custom Property and Workflow...Leer más
JulienBayle en Julio 26, 2023
Use Case: Simplify the process of attaching documents to emails within HubSpot's embedded email tool by allowing users to quickly drag and drop files directly from their system explorer window. Description: Currently, the process of attaching Leer más
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Marzo 08, 2024
Yes, please! This would be a huge timesaver. There's lots of other ideas in the community forum with similar requests as well...
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