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Amy Dodge


adodge on Janeiro 27, 2023
Request on behalf of a HubSpot user: Payment link should expire after payment. This would prevent accidental double payment if the link is shared between departments.
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JNeuse on Dezembro 09, 2022
Their needs to be an option to make the Activities Tab the default page over the Overview Tab when you open a contact profile. The Activities Tab, has all the information that I enter and either need to complete or remind myself about. If Leia mais
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HubSpot Employee
Dezembro 14, 2022
Submitting on behalf of a user: Please make the Overview Tab optional or secondary so user can choose to have the Activities Tab as their default ...Leia mais
adodge on Outubro 25, 2022
Per request of user: Have a setting that allows one to seamless autorefresh a specific dashboard at set intervals (5 sec, 1 min, real-time, etc.) . An example would be one that would allow reports on a Sales Activity Dashboard update real-time Leia mais
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adodge on Setembro 29, 2022
On behalf of a customer: Lock About Card section(Left Top Panel) properties so only an Admin can control which properties are displayed and their order. This would prevent individual users from adding extra properties to their view and keep every Leia mais
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adodge on Agosto 25, 2022
Post on behalf of a HubSpot user: Offer a .msi file for easy deploy install for Outlook Desktop Sales Add-in tool.
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Arne on Dezembro 22, 2018
Being able to simply select the product(s)/services within the mobile app and send the quote (lower price tag stuff only like a few service days or a smaller quantity of a certain product eg for a POC) to your customer right while you are in the sco Leia mais
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HubSpot Employee
Agosto 24, 2022
On behalf of a customer: Can our Mobile App product manager add some insight as to whether this will be possible in the near future? Thank you:-)
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