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Nicole Sengers

A lifelong learner and HubSpot user for over 8 years. I


NicoleSengers on May 16, 2024
With workflows being so powerful and the use cases for nurturing more abundant it would be great to be able to export the workflow performance table or add it to a dashboard so the data is more accessible in full campaign reports and for teams to re read more
NilsK on January 02, 2020
We use a specific tax % on every quote so it should be possible to set a standard and e.g. add a 19% tax on every quote created automatically. Benefits: Saves times Avoid mistakes
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Guide | Elite Partner
May 15, 2024
The ability to set a standard tax based on location or a set of rules would add to the accuracy of quotes and enable teams to work more more
llegault on June 15, 2021
Currently you can only set a sender job title in the quote you are creating and have to repeat the process each time you create a quote. I suggest having a user set their job title within their HubSpot profile which can pull into each quote they cre read more
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Guide | Elite Partner
May 07, 2024
It seems strange that this is not already in play as it doesn't make sense for sales to have to add the same details in every single time.
mariahedges on July 25, 2018
It would be useful if it were possible to set up a subscription preference type which is private or could be hidden from everyone. For example this could be used for an internal employee newsletter who would have a subscription category that read more
Guide | Elite Partner
October 06, 2023
I See this BETA was sunsetted and the help document is rather outdated ( more
KFitzsimmons on September 12, 2023
How can I add an emoji into the body of a ticket (email) please? I remember seeing the release note for this and it was as shortcut but I can't find that now. This is when working in the ticket itself, not in a conversation. Many thanks.
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Guide | Elite Partner
September 13, 2023
Hi @KFitzsimmons While there isn't a native ability to insert emojis in Ticket names, Sales emails or any of these tools the suggestion more
SNasonov on February 20, 2023
Hi Community, Is there a way to report on revenue inflows based on Line Product. In line product I have service A with start/end billing date. Start date 01.01.2023 End date 01.12.2023 Payment frequenct - monthly. Monthly amounty - $1.00 read more
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Guide | Elite Partner
August 17, 2023
Hi @TuMa The Recurring revenue report shows the monthly recurring amounts over a specific time period in a way that OOTB or without some kind more
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