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Steve Christian

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lhaith on October 24, 2018
There seems to be a unnecessary disconnect between the fields 'Attachments' and 'file upload'. Attachments are for email enquiries and file uploads are for support forms. Handling these fields in the ticket environment is not user friendly. M read more
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March 23, 2023
I like all the ideas in this thread - and it seems embarrassing that the HubSpot team has pretty much ignored it for 5 years! My need is simpler more
SteveHTM on March 14, 2023
I'm just experimenting with the Converstions API and the associated object. My goal was to try and filter incoming emails to determine whether the email was of the right type to generate a ticket. In fact I'm finding this hard to do and want to read more
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AnaisThomas on September 08, 2022
I want to tag chat conversations in HubSpot in order to identify them and create reports on these tags. These would allow my company to see the topics of chats at the moment, create new articles on the knowledage base responding to the needs of our read more
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March 14, 2023
In general - it would be a great enhancement to have some writeable properties on the Conversations object. Or the ability to extend the object with more
PlyWood on May 21, 2021
Currently Contact based workflows can't use properties on related Custom Objects in branches. Being able to do so would be incredibly useful to simplify automation and to avoid unnecessiarily duplicating properties & data across objects. Thi read more
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December 21, 2022
Very inconsistent of HubSpot not to offer the same trigger/branching options for contact workflows that exist in other types. In general, I'm very more
SteveHTM on September 01, 2022
I've just uncovered what I think may be a very curious implementation in the OpsHub custom formulas. The option exists to convert a datetime value to a unix time stamp value unixdatastamp() - could be very handy for custom time calculations I think. read more
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SteveHTM on April 12, 2022
Community - hope you can help. I'm working on a complex workflow that uses at least one custom coded workflow step. The issue I'm running into is that I need to search/filter/sort custom objects (rather than contacts/companies etc) in the coded work read more
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May 25, 2022
Thank you @nikodev - this is helpful material that really should be added to the API documentation. Steve
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