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T. van Nierop


FernandoVW on Fevereiro 16, 2022
We have several types of partner (premium, standard dealers...) which have different discount levels (in %). These discounts are per line item. It would be very useful to be able to associate a discount % to a specific company and that this is auto Leia mais
21 avaliações positivas
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Agosto 17, 2023
Hey HubSpot team and fellow users, I'm wondering if there's a way to automatically apply specific discounts to products in the product library based...Leia mais
HappyChicken on Março 17, 2023
When I use the Expand function on a relatively short piece of text, I still don't find the output super valuable. The Assistant then seems to be hallucinating / making things up as it goes along. On larger pieces of text, it works much better. Per Leia mais
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SGremper on Março 14, 2023
As a swiss company we use 3 different languages on our website and would be great if we could switch languages of the output. Or even better, if the CAT would recognize the language of the page or of the text we're working on and change automaticall Leia mais
5 avaliações positivas
7 Respostas
Março 14, 2023
Yes that would be a very nice feature. And how cool would it be if, when you make a change to a specific module in 1 language, you then get a notific...Leia mais
HappyChicken on Março 10, 2023
I miss the feature to link to an anchor tag of Hubspot content. Now I have to create an anchor tag and then link to an external link and then use the link including #anchortag. I suggest that you can just link to content (website pages, blog pa Leia mais
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HappyChicken on Maio 25, 2022
Hi fellow Hubspot fans! We have recently installed the (full) Teams integration in Hubspot. I'm missing a feature: I would like to be able to send a direct notification to a specific colleague in Teams via a workflow. So not to the general Teams Leia mais
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HappyChicken on Abril 20, 2020
I would like to see the option to unpublish a form and or to set a limit to the submissions. For example I would like to set a limit of 100 submissions due to a webinar subscription. November 7, 2022 Edit: 931 days and counting. Can someone ple Leia mais
497 avaliações positivas
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Fevereiro 22, 2022
673 days, 121 upvotes and counting.. C'mon Hubspot.. 😁
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