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Stephanie O'Gay Garcia

I used to work as the first Technical Consultant at HubSpot's EMEA headquarters and now work as a freelance HubSpot CMS Developer.


AShairzay on November 19, 2022
Whenever I try to click the "Hide this module" icon in the Edit screen, it just opens the module instead of toggling the visibility of the module as expected. Am I doing something wrong?
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November 22, 2022
Hey @Jnix284 - thanks for the shout out! @AShairzay - I believe that for the responsive show/hide option on a page, you need to add a more
tylerjoseph on October 05, 2022
I've been experincing a possible bug today as I'm editing modules in Design Tools. Any code placed beneath HubL comments is rendering white and slanted. Makes everything hard to read. Is there a fix for this?
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October 06, 2022
This started happening to me yesterday too and at first, I spent a good while trying to figure out what was wrong with my perfectly acceptable two more
Jnix284 on September 06, 2022
If you’re new to CMS Hub or are thinking about building your website with a FREE theme using the new Free Tools for CMS Hub, then you won’t want to miss these helpful tips to get your site up and running right the first time! You might be t read more
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September 07, 2022
@Jnix284 - this is an excellent post on how to get started with themes! I know some can find it overwhelming and it's tough to explain what more
sjay on September 06, 2022
Hi, How to remove the wrapping Div in HUBL In JQuery we have $('.child_class').unwrap(); to remove parent class. Similarly, do we have anything in HubL to remove only the div element?
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September 06, 2022
@Oezcan - I usually use no_wrapper=true on fields, but I'm not 100% sure about modules. I think it should work too! Stephanie O'Gay more
tdj99 on August 24, 2022
Hi all, I'm currently trying to revamp the company I work for's website, and one of the main changes I wanted to make was the primary feature of dynamic elements, rather than static elements that they have right now. For one of the section o read more
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August 25, 2022
Hi @tdj99 - I think you need to set the background-size to be larger than the container, so something like: div { background: more
sariyanta on August 02, 2022
Hi there, I'm still new here, please go easy on me :). I'm creating a custom module which has a video field. For some reason, I cannot find a way to change the play icon in the video. Is there a way to override this button? I have trie read more
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August 08, 2022
Apologies @sariyanta - I was out of the office! As others have said, I don't think you can edit HubSpot's own video module. In the past, more
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