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Chris Ketelaar


cketelaar le Octobre 01, 2021
Hi all 🙂 Our IT-department manages all our user-accounts within the company tools via ADFS. Currently we don't have Hubspot connected for SSO to our ADFS environment (this requires the enterprise edition and for us that's too big a step. S Lire la suite
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bellawu le Avril 06, 2017
Include an option in workflows to delete a contact. So if they meet the criteria to be entered into the workflow, it would then delete them from our database entirely. This would be helpful for those who come to our site and fill out forms with i Lire la suite
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Juin 11, 2021
Here is why we want to automate deleting contacts via a workflow (but can't) GDPR laws require us to determine how long customer data or contact ...Lire la suite
cketelaar le Janvier 16, 2020
Hi, the deal amount can automatically be based on the (recurring) pricing of products in the product library as they are added to a deal. However; - you can't select the amount to be calculated for the entire deal or for more than 3 ye Lire la suite
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Octobre 16, 2020
@mark_poyser @MissTipsi exactly!
snedyavila le Juillet 04, 2018
*Submitting on behalf of customer* Tickets are a great way of managing customer support/services. However, it would be helpful to allow for the automatic reopening of closed tickets that receive a reply from the customer. Currently when a ti Lire la suite
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Octobre 02, 2020
To me this makes sense. when a customer responds, this automatically means he/she has additional information. So the ticket should re-open. Now, ...Lire la suite
abowman3d le Avril 25, 2017
Please upvote this idea! Current Hubspot scoring is severally lacking compared to its competitors. Hubspots scoring issues are so large that I would strongly warn anyone from choosing Hubspot until they fixed how they score Contacts. 1.) All Lire la suite
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Septembre 22, 2020
as our approach to inbound marketing is evolving, so is our lead scoring mechanism. However, the updated lead scoring property results in a lot of co...Lire la suite
hannahflat le Septembre 10, 2020
Being able to pin different views is really helpful, but it would be great to be able to pin more than 5. We filter our customers in various ways and then our prospects too and it would be great for our team to be able to pin all the views relevant Lire la suite
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Septembre 22, 2020
I agree and would also like to be able to pin more than 5 views! For an overview of the marketing and sales process As a marketer, I would like ...Lire la suite
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