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Faith Antion

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faithantion le Juin 10, 2024
In the Forecast tool, users can select Deals and click "Submit Forecast" to submit a forecast for the total sum of those deal amounts. Sales leadership needs to see exactly which deals were included in their users' individual forecast submissions. T Lire la suite
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techguardnathan le Mai 06, 2019
Since Microsoft is going away from Skype and integrating that functionality into Teams, it would be great to have the calling feature integrated with Teams.
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Juin 07, 2024
@VVezikov Thank you for the update! Looking forward to the beta!
ARodrick le Juin 24, 2021
There should be more options to a task than "completed" or "not started". If we can allow sales reps to adjust and update the task status then it gives us more oversight. Would this be possible?
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Avril 30, 2024
I agree with all earlier posts. We use Tasks for inter-team requests and I would like to be able to communicate to the task creator that the task the...Lire la suite
2chars le Avril 05, 2020
Hello folks, I imported data from Salesforce and couldn't figure out why one company's description was overwritten until finding out about the HubSpot Insights feature. A suggestion: there could be a toggle to not overwrite data. There could Lire la suite
26 Mentions J'aime
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Février 26, 2024
I support the idea to disable overwrite and want to specifically upvote the suggestion to show Administrators HubSpot Insights suggestions and put th...Lire la suite
NArtadi le Juin 05, 2023
This idea is based on the following comment. Please upvote it . To be able to export the manually inputted forecast data via an API or any ETL tool, as to have this data in our warehouse. The data is needed by RevOps to report numbers, run Lire la suite
25 Mentions J'aime
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Février 19, 2024
This is also important to us, to retrive manually submitted forecast data via API for use in analytics and reporting outside of HubSpot. To me, this ...Lire la suite
InmaIID le Février 23, 2022
While testing the forecast submission, and then when we tried to delete the test is not possible. It has been confirmed by support team in ticket #9412383. It will be great to be able to delete tests as you can delete deals, accounts or contacts. T Lire la suite
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Février 07, 2024
I just checked on this since it's been 7 months and was referred back to this post. Today's update from HubSpot was " Forecast submissions made ca...Lire la suite
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