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Emily Tong


cgouit on Outubro 01, 2019
Can we restore on Hubspot an email marketing deleted ?
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HubSpot Employee
Outubro 02, 2019
You can also use this endpoint to restore marketing emails, if you're familiar with API/development: mais
HighQ on Outubro 10, 2018
Hello! I'm trying out Drag and Drop email editor for the first time. I generally like it, but would like to have HTML source code access for all elements again. It has it available for rich text, but not images. I'd like it for images so I can Leia mais
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HubSpot Employee
Fevereiro 21, 2019
Definitely second this idea for the DnD editor - either giving access to the source code generally, or creating a noresize? toggle just for images....Leia mais
aalazzaz on Fevereiro 22, 2018
Hi. I would like to have the ability to export submissions to one/multiple forms filtered by a date range. Currently, the system only allows form submissions for all time, but it would be nice to export submissions for a specific date range. Tha Leia mais
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HubSpot Employee
Fevereiro 20, 2019
I also agree. Since we are already capturing the date of the form submission, it would be extremely helpful to include this timestamp in the contacts...Leia mais
lisat2m on Julho 20, 2017
I'd like to see contact as a required option when adding a new deal. When adding a deal, you can search contacts and add, but we'd like to see this as an option to require sales team to add the contact before the deal can be added. I'm thinking this Leia mais
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HubSpot Employee
Fevereiro 05, 2019
This feature would help us provide more customized options for sales teams - especially for sales teams that have more structured requirements for th...Leia mais
Anna on Abril 19, 2017
Tasks page, Table view - when clicking Completed checkbox mark, suggestion pop-up about creating next follow up task is shown (which is very useful). But mistakenly 'Don't ask me again' checkbox was marked and saved. Could you please advise ho Leia mais
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HubSpot Employee
Janeiro 03, 2019
@ellejaeger - I wanted to let you know, I just started an Idea post requesting that we add this feature to task queues , so users will get the r...Leia mais
emilytong on Janeiro 03, 2019
A customer recently asked whether it would be possible to get the task reminder pop-up that we see displayed in contacts home (see screenshot) to show up when working through a task queue. Since their users are exclusively working in contact r Leia mais
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