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Taryn Reyneke

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Dylan le Septembre 01, 2020
Custom objects should be able to be associated with line items
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Août 10, 2021
It seems the association can be done but unfortunately doesnt work in the same way as the line itme association with deals. We would want to be able ...Lire la suite
FernandoElias le Novembre 18, 2020
It'll be great to have this functionallity so we can have more powerful insights within HubSpot.
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Participant | Partenaire solutions Elite
Janvier 18, 2021
This is something that is really critical please HubSpot - We have many clients wanting this functionality and especially with the new report builde...Lire la suite
TarynR le Janvier 14, 2021
We have a client that would like to be able to bulk edit tickets and close them all at once but would still like to be able to enforce completing mandotry properties in bulk as well the use case for this would be if they select a whol lot of Lire la suite
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cbevan le Septembre 10, 2019
I think this is fairly common for most companies. When we upload an official document or create an email template, it has been QAed by company information. While we let people edit the templates as they send them, we don't want them adding their ow Lire la suite
25 Mentions J'aime
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Participant | Partenaire solutions Elite
Décembre 04, 2020
This would apply for snippets as well please At the moment you cant even limit edit in general like you can with templates on the permissions setti...Lire la suite
jameswindrow le Février 02, 2017
I've created a custom source field for Contacts and mirrored it in Deals. The reason for this is because the Hubspot default options were too limiting and could not be edited. Now I want to map the fields so when a new deal is created from a Contact Lire la suite
235 Mentions J'aime
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Participant | Partenaire solutions Elite
Février 21, 2020
@MeganLegge I see that there is now the ability to copy contact properties to deals in contact workflows but not in deal workflows - Is that correc...Lire la suite
willcurran le Avril 16, 2017
We should be able to have people fill in CRM Deal fields on forms.
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Participant | Partenaire solutions Elite
Décembre 16, 2019
Yes please - this is something that is really needed HubSpot A use case as follows - using deals for appointments at a spa as an example - you t...Lire la suite
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