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Steinar Slåtten


liangsj on Setembro 07, 2020
Hi Team (Submitting on behalf of Customer), Currently, for line graphs, we can add a monthly report goal but when I select bar or column chart, I can't add a point/line for a monthly report. Is it possible to have that for them too?
12 avaliações positivas
4 Respostas
Janeiro 12, 2023
+1 to this. Was surprised to see that the report tool didn't have an option to just "add a monthly goal" as a simple line.
kevmckay on Abril 16, 2019
I am suggesting that it should be possible to edit the "Entered Stage X" dates in deals. If a rep falls behind in tracking their deals through the appropriate stages it would be great if it was possible to change the date to the actual closed-won d Leia mais
64 avaliações positivas
21 Respostas
Novembro 01, 2022
Bumping this, extremely annoying for monthly reports etc when reps are one day too late.
TauriqS on Março 11, 2020
Hi, When clicking (drilling down) into a summarized report of any type (column, bar, summary, summarized data table, pie, etc.). The columns shown cannot be edited. It appears to be a default set of columns that cannot be changed in any way. Leia mais
15 avaliações positivas
7 Respostas
Outubro 28, 2022
I just sent in a support ticket today about this, and was notified abous this post. Since we are able to edit the column order for normal reports...Leia mais
John-Wick on Janeiro 21, 2021
Hi, We would like to have the filtering in "Deals" to have the option "OR" instead of only "AND". This is mainly becuase each salesperson would like to see a summary of all deals they have. Sometimes they are "Deal Owner" and sometimes "Deal Own Leia mais
17 avaliações positivas
10 Respostas
Outubro 07, 2022
+1 to this. We normally have 2-3 people working in different roles on a deal (owner, partner, support) and would like to give them a view where they ...Leia mais
charingkam on Novembro 08, 2018
Hi, I created a report that used cross reporting across contacts and companies, and within the report I can add a date filter. However, when I add it to my sales dashboard, the date filter for the whole dashboard doesn't seem to affect Leia mais
325 avaliações positivas
107 Respostas
Fevereiro 04, 2022
Adding my voice to this - I was very surprised to see that dashboard filters does not work with custom reports.
daveconvery on Setembro 26, 2018
It would be really useful to turn off click tracking in emails, particularly automated emails, in the marketing component. We get a lot of complaints about the appearance of links in emails like password resets, invoices, etc., with customers often Leia mais
60 avaliações positivas
40 Respostas
Janeiro 12, 2022
Would like to add to this. Due to recent development in cyber-crimes, sending these kind of links are a no-go for us and we have to disable link trac...Leia mais
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