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GMcCarthy on Agosto 09, 2021
It would be good to have a default 'last actvity type property' so that you could trigger automation based on whether the last activity was an email being sent to the contact or vice versa. There is no current way to do this in workflows, the Leia mais
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Maio 22, 2023
In all honesty, not being able to retrieve the type of last activity (email, sales email, call, meeting, ao.) is quite rediculous. Activities are bei...Leia mais
MSmedley on Outubro 28, 2021
When creating a report, whilst we have the property to say when the last activity took place, it would be beneficial to have a property that says what the activity was, e.g. Note, Task, Email sent too...., Email receved by.... This would allow for a Leia mais
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Abril 09, 2023
Your not alone. It's kind of shocking that badly needed low level functions simply don't exist. Last activity type is a good example. Proper email re...Leia mais
MartinK on Março 09, 2023
I'm sending emails all the time and need to update my templates often to match my specific use-case. Now I have to manually pickup every template before I can edit it. I have many similar templates so that's everything but convenient! How cool wo Leia mais
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MartinK on Janeiro 04, 2023
Hi, how great would it be if you could simply copy one 'contains any' filter from a list to a matching clause in a workflow or another list and vice versa. Imagine the time and effort this would save. Please upvote and like!
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NicoleJ on Dezembro 19, 2022
Idea based on this community post. Currently, if a contact attends a GoToWebinar and submits Questions, the questions themselves sync to HubSpot, but we are not able to do anything with the information. For example, we are not able to build lists Leia mais
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Dezembro 21, 2022
Totally agree. Browsing my GoToWebinar history I found questions I didn't even knew about....
CYoung3 on Setembro 15, 2022
We would like to have a global setting so hyperlink colors can be set to match our brand standards. Right now if we want to update a hyperlink it has to be done manually which takes additional time for something that should be able to be set account Leia mais
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Dezembro 06, 2022
Totally agree. Quite unbelievable that these global setting don't exists. Unfortunately HS dev are too busy adding bells and whistles rather than fix...Leia mais
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