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Sabrina Roussel

A creative strategist with roots in B2C marketing, branded content development and video production. As an expert in digital marketing, I take a results oriented, data-driven approach to working with brands across all industries, developing and delivering fully integrated marketing campaigns. My experience in the entertainment industry spearheading marketing campaigns includes transmedia, awards campaigns, asset creation, sales marketing, influencer marketing and consumer marketing for over 11 television series. Partners included HelloGiggles, Verizon, Spotify, VidCon and Dunkin Donuts. I now work for probably HubSpot's best global agency partner, ever, empowering companies of all kinds to grow.


Mmccarthy on Fevereiro 27, 2020
I would like the ability to filter a dashboard by ANY field. Right now the only options are: Date, Owner, Teams, Deal / Ticket Pipeline. We want to filter by a custom field called Products, or antoher called Type.
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Fevereiro 28, 2022
Another +1 for this feature, please! Use Case: For professional service organisations, it's is often preferred to have a dashboard per client...Leia mais
benphillips on Janeiro 12, 2018
Feature request to allow scheduling an export of the Deals in a given Pipeline, e.g. once a week, email an XLSX file to ( Leia mais
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Membro | Parceiro Elite
Julho 23, 2020
Adding on to here! It would be very valuable to schedule automated exports + emails of data, including set filters. For example, we have a Deals...Leia mais
sabrinaroussel on Abril 15, 2020
For marketers managing a high volume of social posts, looking to streamline the process of bulk uploading and tagging on Facebook and LinkedIn. This is currently supported when bulk uploading Twitter posts, most likely because tagging with @ i Leia mais
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david-perroud on Outubro 31, 2019
Our Knowledge Base is partially publicly available and indexed by Google. It features a lot of content both for existing customers but also potential customers (e.g. they wanna know in detail how to use the product before buying, or are googling for Leia mais
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Membro | Parceiro Elite
Dezembro 10, 2019
Totally agree! Knowledge Base has a lot of SEO potential! I would also like to request custom headers that would allow us to apply even more SEO ...Leia mais
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