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MattDavirro on July 28, 2021
Hi there. I'm wondering if there is away to filter (or trigger a workflow) based on a comparison of two properties? ex. I want to report on all Deals where "Property A" is greater than "Property B" Is there a way I can do this? read more
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December 30, 2021 14:09
I've used this calculated property workaround before, and it's a good workaround. That said, for some applications it can be a bit clunky to have more
Oscar_bernal on October 06, 2020
In our company we are currently selling more than one product at the same time in paralel to a given contact, so the possibility of having a secondary owner property is very useful for us. But when it comes to reporting, we face this problem: the "H read more
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February 09, 2022 08:58
That would be perfect for my business too, let's hope the devs see to it soon 🙂
austinpostler on July 03, 2019
When a Team Member leaves our company, we do not delete their Hubspot User account. We like to keep these open for reporting and analytics purposes. Currenlty, we do not have a good way to label these Users that are no longer with the company. Th read more
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November 16, 2021 10:57
I recently saw the option to "Deactivate" a user (opposed to "Remove from Account") start to show up in the Actions menu of User & Teams more
_Kevin on April 07, 2017
"Make ""Salesforce Owner Phone Number"" a default personalization token just like ""Owner Name"" and ""Owner Email"". Currently the Salesforce properties for Lead Owner Name and Lead Owner Email are automatically pulled into HubSpot properties for read more
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November 16, 2021 10:33
It would also be very useful to be able to access the "HubSpot Team" associated with any owner/"HubSpot User" property , whether this is as a more
KSM on February 20, 2020
Goal - I want to make my salesmen more efficient by initializing specific property values to common "default" values somy salesmen do not have to enter them manually. Scenario - Salesman gets a phone call from a brand new prospect & manually br read more
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June 10, 2021 14:42
Having created similar workflows to "populate defaults in place of blanks" post-creation, I think another enhancement (that might be simpler to more
JeffBantz on November 02, 2020
I have just begun playing around with Custom Objects so any assistance would be appreciated. I would like to set some of the associations to be ONE_TO_ONE rather than ONE_TO_MANY. I've dug through the documentation and don't see the means to update read more
April 12, 2022 18:27
Hi Chris, Could you share how you were able to create the cardinality correctly via API so that it's only one-to-many in one direction, and not more
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