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plau on Juni 21, 2019
At the moment it's not possible to insert tables in the drag and drop email editor. Even if we paste table HTML in the source code, it gets stripped away when we save it. Current workarounds include: Add a screenshot of the table instead: Beitrag ansehen
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Oktober 12, 2022
I see this was originally written 2+ years ago…still wishing it was available in Q4 2022!
toricook on Januar 25, 2021
I would love the ability to bulk add, edit, or remove tags from blogs. Especially helpful during blog redesigns or restructuring your blog to be more search-friendly. Currently, you have to individually go into every post to edit a tag.
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Januar 26, 2022
Going through this now…the feature to bulk add/remove tags would have saved me hours of work.
Shay on April 10, 2017
Migrated from legacy feedback forum with 39 votes. There currently isn't a way to A/B test forms. I'm assuming other users out there would be interested in A/B testing whether or not certain fields create higher form submission drop off than o Beitrag ansehen
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April 07, 2020
I'd love to join the beta…really wishing I could A/B test a pop-up form today!
TRUSTben on September 20, 2017
Hello, I, and I'm sure others, think it would be more beneficial to have the default hyperlink option in blogs to be having them open in a new window. As of now, the default is to have the links open in the same window and therefore prompts visi Beitrag ansehen
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März 25, 2020
One more upvote for this from the Kiwi Creative team!
Lilush on Januar 25, 2017
I think it would be great to have the option to export workflows. Often I have to provide information about the structure of the workflow, and as these can be sometimes quite complecated - it would be great to be able to just export them as excel Beitrag ansehen
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September 19, 2018
Running into this problem now…would love to be able to export the workflow as a PDF to send off for review without adding that person to the HubSpot ...Beitrag ansehen
Barry on März 08, 2017
Is it possible to create reocurring tasks, such Ticklers? I like to set-up ticklers to contact certain customers on a regular basis. Is this possible in Hubspot? Barry
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September 17, 2018
This is a serious limitation to us being able to use the tool for project management.
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