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kara_susvilla le Juillet 11, 2021
A successful content strategy should include a promotional plan that doesn't just share your content but strategically shares content with the people who will benefit most from it. Keeping this in mind, what's your business's most effective promoti Lire la suite
108 Mentions J'aime
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Mars 22, 2023
I used Facebook and word of mouth. I also have Twitter but I need to work on it to attract more audience.
CoreyChristian le Juin 29, 2021
A video can be an excellent tool for communication and promotion depending on how effective and engaging its content is. With this in mind, we’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes a video engaging. Please reply to this post and answer the bel Lire la suite
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Mars 21, 2023
Hubspot video. Yes, I decided to take this course.
kara_susvilla le Juillet 11, 2021
It takes a lot of time and energy to create a piece of content. Keeping this in mind, how could you repurpose your next piece of content into new formats? Share with us in the comments below. *To learn more about this, check out the Exten Lire la suite
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913 Réponses
Mars 21, 2023
Today I repurpose content on my blog about racial discrimination. I use the ACE method by doing the following: I adjusted the article by removing p...Lire la suite
kara_susvilla le Juillet 11, 2021
A working title is something to "work" off of as you begin to write your post. Start here to narrow your topic down and focus on one angle. A broad term, like “social media,” could breed multiple blog post ideas like “top social media channels for l Lire la suite
346 Mentions J'aime
2705 Réponses
Mars 20, 2023
1- Yve story facing Racism and Ageisms in x country 2- Racism and Ageism is a story faced by many women 3- Yve: A Racisms and Ageims story in x c...Lire la suite
kara_susvilla le Juillet 11, 2021
Your content creation process should be something that's clear, repeatable, and organized. It's important to evaluate your process from time to time to see how it can be improved (for you and those you collaborate with). Before you create Lire la suite
1058 Mentions J'aime
3468 Réponses
Mars 10, 2023
I would check the previous content written on the topic, to see what new can be included and what can be re-written. Also, I would check what convers...Lire la suite
kara_susvilla le Juillet 11, 2021
Regardless of the story you’re trying to tell and how you’re trying to tell it, storytelling has three essential elements: Characters Conflict Resolution Choose one of your favorite brands, and tell their business's story by answering th Lire la suite
842 Mentions J'aime
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Mars 09, 2023
My brand is Starbucks. Their audience is individuals who like good coffee, different flavours, and different toasts. The challenge is to keep the aud...Lire la suite
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