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Theo Brainin

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TheoB le Novembre 06, 2020
We use a lot of hubspot dashboards with many charts It's great that these are interactive - so e.g. I will have a stacked bar chart displaying our SQLs generated over time, broken down by original source. Very often, I will then 'click' one Lire la suite
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etroiani le Septembre 21, 2020
Offline event syncing is here! Now, your ads can not only be targeted at the right users, but also optimized towards the right conversions by syncing your contact lifecycle data into Google and Facebook. We know many of you are managing, reporti Lire la suite
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Octobre 20, 2020
Hi, we are very keen to use this functionality. We really want google and FB to optimise for the best leads, and not just for lead form submissions o...Lire la suite
gotmike le Juin 05, 2017
When we have multiple contacts on a specific deal in the CRM, it would be great to assign roles to each. This could be a standard "deal role" dropdown field/property. So I can pick "Champion" or "Decision Maker" or whatever. Or if you are deal Lire la suite
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Octobre 06, 2020
Just to add our voice in - we are extremely keen on this idea. Our deals progress through the whole customer lifecycle - from closing a project,...Lire la suite
MikeD le Avril 08, 2019
When creating workflows, if I have it create a task, it lets you set the due date to 2 days from task creation. However when you create a task manually, you can set it to 2 BUSINESS days from task creation. The problem this is causing is some automa Lire la suite
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Juin 29, 2020
Yes please do this - the options should be consistent with the manual task setting!
nina le Mars 10, 2017
We have a pretty big sales team and we require them to respond to leads quickly to them being received. If a lead sits without a response for more than 15 minutes we are not doing our work the way we would like. We use a handful of workflows to dist Lire la suite
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Juin 26, 2020
Yes to this - it would be great to have better features to manage rotation. I) Make it easier to remove specific people from rotations II) Make...Lire la suite
ernopyykko le Novembre 17, 2017
Would it be possible to get the Messages availability to work in the same fashion as the Meetings integration? A person online/offline status would be toggled on and off based on their calendar. I would even suggest giving an option Lire la suite
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Juin 04, 2020
Echoing that we would love to see live chat brought up to parity with the meetings tool and beyond i.e. - Schedule for switching on and off avai...Lire la suite
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