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Marcos Barcelos

Hi, my name is Marcos :). I'm a Brazillian guy with a lot of dreams and one of these is to turn myself into a respected revOps. And now making enterprises understand to trust on CRM, to put all the information in one place is the best option for insights.


MarcosBarcelos on February 05, 2023
DISCUSSION How to know when to re-evaluate your icp? MOTIVATION During the content marketing course, Hubspot . From this he teaches how to create content based on the golden globe, developing intere read more
jolle on January 24, 2023
Hey, all! I'm gearing up for the RevOps Bootcamp next week and have been thinking through the balance between keeping customers delighted and employees happy, especially for companies that are changing their processes. Sometimes, I think that read more
January 27, 2023
@jolle I think this is an insight that occurs often. "Do you feel like there's a definable point when the internal team will suffer as a result more
MarcosBarcelos on January 14, 2023
The importance of frequent conversation between the entire lead path. MOTIVATION When reading the book Customer Success by Dan Steinman, Lincoln Murphy and Nick Mehta, he writes about customer loyalty: This read more
MarcosBarcelos on December 16, 2022
(Image designed by Brent Clouse) From my experience as ops, I come here to share insights and ideas. In companies with different OPS classifications, it is interesting to know a little about the area that precedes yours. Deep D read more
MarcosBarcelos on December 03, 2022
Knowledge is the way. MOTIVATION After analyzing some sales processes, we faced something that we as sales ops should do: the documentation. So that when proposing a new strategy, new activities, or pipelines we would have an e read more
MarcosBarcelos on November 12, 2022
Sales ops: Pipeline The importance of deep diving into the operation to build the best pipeline. By reading the book The Sales Development playbook: build repeatable pipeline and accelerate growth with inside sales I conclude read more
November 18, 2022
I agreed with you when you said that the mindset of "just get more leads" is outdated. Actually, if you only look at the new one you are losing more
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