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Jessica Booth


DTadd1 on Dezembro 07, 2021
Currently you can create a custom pipeline for a custom object and view/change your stages via a board like deals. We should also be able to create funnel reports (such as default reports available for the deal board). This would be extremely he Leia mais
75 avaliações positivas
17 Respostas
Agosto 07, 2023
This is really needed - the ability to do everything with a custom object pipeline that you can with a Deal pipeline - in particular create reports ...Leia mais
kevmckay on Abril 16, 2019
I am suggesting that it should be possible to edit the "Entered Stage X" dates in deals. If a rep falls behind in tracking their deals through the appropriate stages it would be great if it was possible to change the date to the actual closed-won d Leia mais
81 avaliações positivas
25 Respostas
Julho 12, 2023
@hubspot this is really needed for all the reasons mentioned above - most especially for migrating historical data into HS - so we can get rid of o...Leia mais
FelipeFelix on Fevereiro 18, 2021
Hi there! HubSpot Pipeline tool is great for Sales and Support teams, but right now Key Account (Customer Success) and other teams that have continuous contact with clients really struggle to use HubSpot as Companies and Contacts just don't have Leia mais
53 avaliações positivas
21 Respostas
Julho 12, 2023
This is a great idea! - I'm keen to see it in HS. We needed it in particular on the Company record as we use HS to manage our Customers as a Customer...Leia mais
SFox12 on Abril 01, 2022
We really need the ability to filter by association label outside of creating a list. If a company has more than 5 contacts associated, then currently we have to create a list and filter by company and association label to view the contacts with a s Leia mais
82 avaliações positivas
31 Respostas
Abril 19, 2023
@jconsing Is the research complete? If not I'd love to be involved. We want to be able to use association lables between contacts and deals to...Leia mais
jbolger90 on Fevereiro 03, 2022
It seems that there is no way to sort and organize line items within product libraries. Products are sorted based on import or create date within HubSpot. My company builds product libraries and folders based off a tiered pricing approach (I.E Leia mais
111 avaliações positivas
60 Respostas
Fevereiro 07, 2023
adding a +1 to this - it causes so much pain for the sales team and by extension me! 😉
eliot_martin on Abril 12, 2022
I am struggling with conflicts between what is shown on a quote and the ARR/TCC values populated on the deal. Here is the scenario... I have a service that I want to sell as 3-year subscription, billed on each year so have created the following Leia mais
7 avaliações positivas
7 Respostas
Novembro 09, 2022
The ability to add the personalised token in the line item section would help imensley then we could call it what we want and choose which field from...Leia mais
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