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Kristen Traynor

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Luke_G on Januar 16, 2024
Scheduled workflows are great. However, there is an odd absence of a "quarterly" option for the scheduled workflow functionality. I have devised a functional workaround and utilized it several times, but it requires a custom property and a Beitrag ansehen
9 Antworten
Februar 26, 2024
@jbartola I can't speak for @Luke_G , but for us, it would be extremely useful to be able to schedule the workflow to run every 90 days. I'd like ...Beitrag ansehen
ndwilliams3 on November 09, 2021
Currently, when setting up a round robin meeting link, you can select the option to prioritize contact owner and only show their calendar. However, that only takes into account the default owner field. If you have multiple hubspot user fields on a Beitrag ansehen
Januar 26, 2024
Agree. We make our CSMs the contact owner for customers, but when an upsell opportunity is identified, we'd like to be able to send the customer an u...Beitrag ansehen
SamanthaA on Oktober 20, 2020
It would be ideal if it were possible to connect a calendar to the meetings tool that is associated with an email that is connected as a shared inbox.
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August 08, 2023
Our CS team would ideally like to use shared inboxes for the team for a few reasons: so the team can monitor customer emails if a CSM is OOO to en...Beitrag ansehen
tilly on Februar 26, 2018
Since we can block free email providers and certain domains from filling out standard HubSpot forms, it would be great if Meetings link forms could also block those.
167 Antworten
Mai 02, 2023
Please, please add this to the roadmap! This causes our team so many headaches and takes up valuable time to clean up!
mbarba on Februar 24, 2022
Hey there! I’m Mary Barba, HubSpot Academy’s revenue operations (RevOps) professor. Welcome to the Data Management & Reporting Study Group! One of the best ways to learnData Management & Reporting is by implementi Beitrag ansehen
850 Antworten
März 24, 2023
Hi there, I'm Kristen 👋 What's your current role? RevOps Manager, LASSO What industry do you currently work in? LASSO is a B2B ver...Beitrag ansehen
KTraynor21 on September 15, 2022
As a member of our management team, you will own the revenue target number Work closely with the VP of Growth Marketing and VP of Customer Success to capitalize on all revenue opportunities Identify prospect segmentation and GTM for each segment Beitrag ansehen
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